Rainy Dreams

Today, I both achieved and upgraded a dream of mine.

I’ve wanted for decades to stand at the crossing point between raining and not raining, and I did that today.  I walked outside, in a hurry to go for a walk or run before the rains began.  When I stepped out of the front door, I saw rain coming down as I glanced at the house across and over from ours.  ‘Oh.  It’s already raining,’ I thought to myself.  After a moment’s pause – one during which I had been making plans to turn back around and walk back inside, seeing as how it was already raining – I registered that, although I was looking at rain, I was not actually getting wet, despite the fact that I was standing directly under the sky, in the open air.

Almost before I knew it, I was sprinting towards the rain, declaring giddily, “This is what I’ve always wanted!”

It was the weirdest, rushing back and forth, into the rain and then back out of it, and then into it again.  But it was wonderful fun.

However, after running back and forth a couple times or so, and even standing right at the edge, to where water was only falling on one arm and not the other, I discovered that my dream was now replaced with a similar but upscaled one.  I now wanted to stand at the edge of pouring sheeting of rain and no rain.  The casual style of this sprinkling, misty rain was good, but not enough.  I want what we get in the highway during a downpour, where we have the sudden lift that occurs at the border between the pummeling rain and no rain, where sight and sound are all suddenly cleared, and in only a moment’s transition.  I want to stand at that border.

Post-a-day 2018


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