Autumn Posts

How crazy a to-do list can I make?


…that poor, crying girl

“Nope. Not today,” said the world

The Rain

A less than mediocre night

Feminine Confinement

A Subconscious Response To Lonliness

Cultural Comfort?

I ring my bell, ring my bell…

I❤ Quinoa, a limerick

today was yes, good

A Child’s Freedom To Snoop



Bananagrams, a poem

Just write…

Time Estimation

Bedtime thoughts

(Child) Games

Self-Expression (-ish)

To-Do Lists

Knitting keeps me up at night…

Music heals (a poem-ish)

Just like Mom

end goals


Grammar & George R.R. Martin

Long-Distance Besties

Bed Sharing

Unfinished Projects & Ice Cream


A Beautiful Woman

Dumpster Diving: a brief reflection

Music and Breath


Heading to the Americas

Waltzing in the night

Today’s fun facts, I suppose

Heading Home?


Hot shower and cleanliness

Fall is here without my gumption

Anti-Exploration? Moi?

No more, please…

A letter to my new friends


40 Days

Mystery Underwear

How Apple effectively removed music from my daily life

Tampons & Facebook

irrigating your ears


vocabulary and wardrobes

Fitting In? Fat Chance, honey 😛

A ponderous free-write

a friendly questionnaire

clothing’s expression

World AIDS Day

Friday Fame

Henna, Henna, & Hannah