Groping for Avocados?

“This must be what it’s like when guys grope for a girl’s boobs… Say what?!”

Yes, actually my thoughts (causing me to burst out laughing) as I was somewhat sprawled across the avocado display case.

Let me explain.  In the grocer this week, seeking final ingredients for our planned dinner menu, I developed a sudden craving for an avocado, seeing them in their little display area.  We were in a sort of hurry, so I rushed to the avocados, and quickly felt them up. (I know, right?!)

Until that time, I had not organized an opinion on the experience of searching for a ripe avocado in that ever-underripe pile of the grocer’s fruit.  But, as I hurriedly felt through this particular pile, and was stretched out across the avocados, my hands sort of grabbing at everything they could touch, looking for some squish… I suddenly felt a connection to the experience of partner dancing.

“This must be what it’s like when guys grope for a girl’s boobs in dance…” was my sudden thought, followed instantly by, “Say what?!” and a ridiculous giggle.

Perhaps it was because I had spent the previous weekend at a dance event, where late-night dancing leads to accidental (and unfortunately intentional, but that’s another story) boob-grabs and gropes, that I had this thought.  Perhaps it was because of my sense of desperation, the way I imagine guys must feel in their desire to land their hands in the ‘right spot’.  Perhaps it was something else entirely.

Nonetheless, I had the thought.  And I don’t think I’ll ever see the search for ripe avocados in their previous light again (which, I guess, was just as fruit).

So, the next time you see that pile of avocados, smile.  Imagine me with you as you test them for ripeness.  Imagine me, chuckling beside you, sprawled out across the display, delightedly groping for avocados.