Sometimes, I feel insignificant, unnecessary, unwanted, only loved out of requirement or convenience; merely accepted.

I imagine many people in the world experience this in life, too.

I want to be a source for people always to feel loved fully, wholly, for exactly who they are and exactly who they are not. We are perfectly ourselves, and I am in love with that, in love with each of us, these beautiful blessings of God and the Universe.

Post-a-day 2021

Sunday in the skatepark

My mom and I went to a skatepark yesterday, as a sort of anniversary for when we had gone with my brother and his trick bicycle two years ago, just before the park opened officially. We had done sunrise photos, and they were awesome.

So, now my mom is preparing for a 20-mile ride we’ll do later this month, she rode her bike to the park, we took some fun sunrise photos in the skate park of her on her bike, and then, as I followed her home in the car, I blasted “Eye of the Tiger” with my windows down.

It was a spectacular start to our Sunday.

Check that drop-in! ;P

Post-a-day 2021


Okay, I give up.
Take me where you want me to be.
Guide me where you need me, guide me where I need to be.
Help me to do what you need me to do,
And help me to do what I am here to do.
Make me ready to do
What I am made to do.
I give up resisting.
I am here.
I am yours.
Take me.
I love you.
And thank you
Post-a-day 2021

One call (and a thousand miles*) away

19:21, I get on the phone.

Four hours, three minutes later, I hang up.

We were friends in middle school, and our lives have overlapped ever so slightly, like tiny tangents on a Venn diagram, since we parted ways for different high schools. However, those touches have proven always powerful and impactful.

This time, I didn’t wait for coincidence to bring us to the same place at the same time. I set up a phone call, both to ask a specific question and to hang out and chat. And it was well worth it. We only hung up because I kept yawning so much, and had to be up really early the next morning. Otherwise, we likely would have kept going much longer.

Thank you, God and Universe, for this so unexpected gift. This has been a wonderful blessing to end this day. I didn’t want to be alone today. And so, now, I wasn’t. Thank you.

*Siri said it is actually about 1,639 miles away by car.

Post-a-day 2021

Spansive Goals

Be they great or small, goals can be one of the greatest things in life, both as a pursuit and as an eventual achievement. Tonight, I set a goal of having some of these grain-free cookies I’d never known about until tonight, and I achieved a goal of 500 days in a row on Duolingo. Two seemingly unrelated goals that span the spectrum of goals, yet they bring delight and gratitude to me, as well as encouragement to pursue all my goals.

Post-a-day 2021

Casual, comfortable, easy love

I experienced a lot of love from the kids today, and it was wonderful. It was that somewhat passive love, where they just show up and hang out in the classroom with me, only sometimes talking directly to me, but choosing to be there specifically. And someone was almost always talking to me at any given time. They just kind of swapped around, so to speak. It reminded me of spending time with friends, like how was so normal in high school and college. Adulthood hasn’t much offered such scenarios. Everyone always wants to go somewhere, to do something. These kids did nothing but futz around in a classroom together today for an hour, and they barely even pulled out phones, but for the occasional picture display or something. It was wonderful. It was loud. Yet it was wonderful. And I am grateful.

Thank you, God and Universe. Thank you. If you please, give me more love and silliness like this afternoon. Help me to be surrounded by friends who can have fun with me in such a loving, easy way.

Post-a-day 2021






‘There you go.

‘It was your talus.

‘Should be good now.’

Ugh. I am certainly grateful, but stinking chiropractors, making my major worries the past weeks suddenly seem stupid. Just ugh.


Hopefully, I’ll be able to function fully again after another few days or so, though! Cautiously optimistic and looking forward to it!

Post-a-day 2021

Pet me to sleep

I lie in my bed,
rubbing fingers gently up my head,

Comforting, pressing, calming…

They are putting me to sleep,

Just as they always seem to do

On the forehead of a dog.

Sometimes, I really do envy them,
I’ll take a back rub, belly rub, head rub,
Walk or run or roll in thr park
On any day
With the one(s) I lov
And who love me.

Perhaps all we really need on bad days

Really is a good pet

Post-a-day 2021
P.S. Happy Day One to Year Six! ❤ <3=""