Winter Posts

Remember, I categorize these by when I feel the change of season, based on weather and lifestyle, as opposed to the actual equinoxes and solstices.  🙂

December 4: Life & Illness

Architecture is a gray area

Women’s Gym Buzz

Afraid of Greatness (in Language) (Really?)

Perfection in the Unexpected

Gumbo is a family affair

Heart-ing Accents

Breakdown in Town

Cheer up, Charlie

Dreaming of being Muslim

Beautiful Bodies

Stress made me write

ABBA in life

It’s just not Christmas

Rainbows of life

Phone Privacy

Oops: Thank You, Teacher

Music creates life

Dancing is a global language

Perhaps it’s the OCD…

A Memory

Songs for Friends and Self


Morning Breath

Automatic Reactions taking over…?

Anticipation, and Standards of Normalcy

A New Year

Moms as the best

Spaces after a period

Unexpected Student Interactions

The Goofy Tour Guide(?)

Across My Dreams

Nerd Jobs to the Rescue

Ice Cream in the Cold


A poem from Vienna

a Turn in the Road instead

Self-discovery and second opinions


A towel in your hair

Dreams that inspire tears


A dAy of Rest


The impossible and a new look at time

The Panic of Packing


Colorful Medicine


Round Something

And Unexpected Story From… Somewhere

Singapore at a glance

Shower Power

A glimpse of Japanese culture

What a day…(!)

The train station at 5am

Life and Movies and Longing

Japanese Health Clinic


Home is best shared

Soundtrack to life

Nonsense or not?

Food with its own standards

Happiness and secret crushes

Beer & Cigarettes

What’s in Your Pockets?

Inglorious Basterds

Smokers in Japan

Yoga and Winter Blues

Life Goals…?

Winter Weight

Bedtime Poetry

Valentine’s Day

Stuffed Animals

Winter, Wait – Weight, Workout

Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarves…?

Musical Theatre

Reading at Night

Japanese English

Depression and its quirks

You Don’t Know, Jack?: A Limerick

Dreams, come true?

The Shinkansen


Pork Buns and Handkerchiefs

Mardi Gras


Dance Class #1

Crushes & the imagination

Ooh, ah, ow!

My Elephant


A Window of Opportunity…?

And Ode (or something like it) to My Underwear

Saturday Mornings

Across the Universe

Becoming myself through depression

Okinawa, but actually Baseboards

Enough is Enough…?

What to write…? a poem

Umbrellas at Night

My best friend’s wedding… I mean brother-in-law… or both

career planning like child’s play

St. Patrick’s Day

an outlook saving the day

Bedtime Stories and Serenades

Speed Runner

The Ice Skating & Smelly Socks Affair

Trains, Phones, and Social Experiments

Blonde and Beautiful

Love-Hate relationships


Driving Lesson

Lifetime Movies

The Fear of Openness and Intimacy

the Power of Music

Workouts, Teachers, Tears, & Careers

Cowboy Church

A taste of my own medicine

Kanamara Matsuri

Thoughts for sleep

But then again…

Mirror, Mirror