Fall is here (2017)

Fall is here.  Here the yell.  Back to school.  Ring the bell.  Brand new shoes; walking blues; climb the fence; books and pens.  I can tell that we are gonna be friends.  I can tell that we are gonna be friends.

❤  Happy Fall, y’all.  🙂

An Evening of Moon River, and more


an old fashioned telephone and a strawberry?


There is and there aren’t…

My real voice

wind chimes

Write a book, man!

In the raw… not

St. Lucia’s Day

The stairs attacked me

Kill Bill and Mailboxes

Family and music

Cousin fun and virgin drinks

Weddings and Children

Mass, Cats, and Weimaraners

Photography Skills…?


Being a teacher… ouch

A hug of love

Sleep, or stare at the wall?

That Jacket

Today, and also beauty

Today’s bumps, I guess

Book nerd much?

College Crush

at night

High School Fun in the Club

For the common good… -ish

Ninja Stuff

Good morning… fancy an earthquake?

Apples, Apple Butter, and Why the Dentist Likes Me

And the tears come rolling in

Think conscious thoughts…

Kokopelli and breakthroughs

‘One Spanish-speaking Boyfriend, please’

What’s next’s what’s next

Halloween sneakiness

Becoming Jack Black, teacherly

La Traviata and the World Series

Japanese Animal Crackers

Happy Houston Astros Day

Pants at home

Making space in my life

It really is all relative

Oh, to be a lion…

A quality life

Opera, Veterans, and Travel

a day to consider my life

Is it tomorrow already?

Singing to the unprepared listeners

Sexy, not Sex

Hers, mine, & ours

Satisfaction… at last

My life/books

ukulele, poke, and cray-zay

An unhappy belly and body


Late-night shared delights

A thank-you note

Finishing the chapter

Happy Thanksgiving

Song chat

Magical life

What scares you…

My very own “Pretty Woman” scene

Bring your parents to work?

A request of you…

My well-worn boots

A letter to Santa and a new perspective

Christmas Music and Photos at the Beach

The Lingering Effects of Culture?

Moms and being young at heart

Free/Me Time…?

Writing, math in life…

Time for Multilingual Christmas Stuff

Snow in Houston, Texas (and t-rex Christmas cards)

Life goals(?)

A foreigner at home?

Granny at heart?

Singing, Showering, and liking you better…

Asian-English teatime with the bff sister

Just…oh, man…

Church, bras, and tangled hair

Mortification after Consideration

Unpaid, at last?

Nighttime Window

Cultural Pants with Mom

Forgotten Decaffein