Springtime Posts

Springtime is here… ish

Snuggle Love

Dating Mr. Perfect, or Being Perfect?

A Normal Life

Tonight’s Bedtime

Feelings of accomplishment

Japanese Verlan

What I want to do with a good chunk of my daily time

Good Books

a day’s checklist?

Eggs and Trilingual Songs

Baby Blue Eyes

Rain and Love


A New Self in an old place

Trying something old newly

Surprising Beauty

Making conversation at customs

Accepting a Dream

They are like cats

A World Traveler Ponders

Student love

A slice of bread

Trusting What’s Next

Rice Paddy Mazes

Twilight in Vienna

My Family is Ridiculous

The Yellow Rose of Texas…-ish… sort of

Slumber Party

Cinco de Mayo

Declare your wish with gratitude

Eclectically Musical

“Domo arigatou, mister robato…”

A spontaneous lesson

Japanese lost and found

Japan vs western toilets

Nara, kiddos, and Buddha boogers

Japanese totes and morale boosting

Think as you will…

Delightful Misinterpretation

A change in plans

Sick at work, and no one cares

Inner Physics

Large And In Charge…?

Happy Tampons

Empty Nest

Math class in Japanese

Being my own parent?

Magic in our pockets

Sofa Buddies

Worldwide Shipping

Trading Good for Great

“I want so much more…”

Serendipitous Unknowing

Coincidental Acquaintances filling the Heart

tuesday – tuesday – tuesday

Poetry, I suppose


Tears for Art

Picking leaves and drinking them

a day for rest

Note to self

Tomorrow’s Endeavor

How to write

Falling asleep

A philosopher for the moment

A short story

You’ve got mail

a little bit of imagining

Tonight, I…

School Clubs


A match made in France?

The power of words

Our Stories

My Dating Life