Not-so cool

Last night, we went to a Halloween party. There was much alcohol drinking and some cigarette smoking. Music was not very loud, but people were somewhat loud. The space wast crowded, except in narrower passageways on occasion.

I had a decent time. I’m glad we went, as it was an important event for my man’s family. We also both looked awesome, both in terms of outfits and in terms of fitness and overall adorable-ness.

However, I typically prefer staying home over going to such events. I felt so fancy, going to a party and on a Saturday night… like all the normal people, I passively thought.

Coincidentally, the story I did in Duolingo tonight was all about how these two girls stayed home every Friday evening and watched their favorite television show, instead of ever going out anymore. When their flatmate walks out in a party dress and says she’s going out dancing, they decide to go with her. The one who declared they were going with her finds at the club that it is too dark, the music is too loud, it is too crowded, and her feet start hurting rather quickly into the night.

As I read the story, I couldn’t help but notice that, aside from the feet part, I usually experience the same things whenever I have to go out to things. Though, as in her case, no one else ever seems to care.

What was funny with the story itself was that, as this girl is commenting on these things, and declares that she wants to go home already, she asks, ‘Am I the only one who isn’t cool anymore?’, for they had said earlier that the cool thing to do was to go out on Friday nights. Her friend replies, ‘Don’t worry – you weren’t ever cool in the first place.’

And, somehow, I found immense delight in that statement. Perhaps it reminded me of me and my best friend, and how we always are honest with things, and how we find it comical when our honesty, to an outsider, could sound terribly mean, but that it is very much not a big deal to us. Also, though, she and I never really were considered “cool”, anyway. We were fun and smart and goofy and weird and kind and sweet and reliable and all sorts of good stuff. People got along with us rather easily, and enjoyed our presence, of course. But we just weren’t exactly ever cool. She was even student body president in high school. She got closer than I did to cool, but she still wasn’t cool. So, we would have definitely had a conversation like the one in this Duolingo story tonight, my best friend and I. And that was a good feeling.

Anyway, I absolutely could relate to the story in all levels, and I loved that ending to the story, somehow, in a very personal way. It was awesome. Thank you, God. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

World Series

Dear God,

I simply pray that all people be kind, loving, selfless, and forgiving throughout this World Series, especially those who call themselves “rivals” to others. Help us all to remember that we are all children of God, blessings to the world in all that we each are and in all that we are together, as one people.

In your name, I pray.


Post-a-day 2022

The body speaks…

… but do we listen?

When the body stops working for you, what do you do? What can you do?

I truly believe it is a demanded chance for us to rest, not to push ourselves so hard as we have been lately, so hard as what made the body want so desperately to take a break (almost literally). If we don’t rest, it is all too likely to grow even worse, if not now, then soon enough.

Our bodies are speaking to us always, and not merely about what’s going on on the outside in life…

Post-a-day 2022


Look, I know relics are truly this really cool thing and all, and they’re an absolute blessing to those of us living now who get to cross paths with them, but they still kind of creep me out. Perhaps it has a lot to do with the fact that I don’t exactly like to touch people and their stuff in the first place, even when they’re alive and sanitary and everything. Leaving them dead and in pieces for a few hounded years, and then touched by thousands upon thousands of people doesn’t exactly make me more interested in touching them and their stuff…

Makes sense, at any rate…

Post-a-day 2022


Went to chiropractor this morning. Went to gym at noon for the workout. During the second round of goblet squats – I had only ten pounds, because I’m taking it extremely light with weight compared to the recommended – I had a sharp pain on the side of my left thigh, in slow-mo fast-time set down/half dropped the weights between my legs, and then fell over to the right. I cried. Only a little, but I cried. It’s kind of terrifying when something that normally works easily suddenly gives out, when the body is suddenly unreliable to do the basics of keeping us upright. Suffice it to say that I left the rest of the goblet squats alone, and moved on. Now, I’m lying in bed with medium-high pain – and, I think, swelling – on the right side of my back… Goodness, help me, please.

I really need to be careful right now. My body made it clear to me that it wants a rest from these work-outs right now. I’m hoping I can still be active in other ways – the long-boarding was mostly great physically, so I know there are things I certainly can do – while my body gets the rest it needs from the intense workouts. Perhaps this is a means of getting me to go do all those things we’ve been wanting to go do, but never manage. Like the long-boarding. And golf. And bicycle riding. And, maybe, even frisbee.

Thank you, God, for this opportunity. Please, help us to see clearly what is truly awaiting us in this opportunity. Show us your will. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

Sunday, fun day

Some nights, I just want to lie down backwards in my bed after I shower, and pass out, wet hair and all.

But then I start to feel the layer of I-ate-food-today in my mouth, and I have to get up and brush my teeth, and then the whole feeling is gone, and I just continue with my regular bedtime routines, and get it bed normally at the end of them all…


P.S. I learned to do basics with long boarding today! We had a handful of minutes of major frustration, in which I nearly got hit by two different cars, just after my man had me follow him off the trail and onto the road, so we could to go a water fountain he said was at the park nearby. He had turned the corner already, and so didn’t see either car near-incident. I freaked out, because I wasn’t good enough yet with the board to be handling such situations, and because I couldn’t find him either for guidance/encouragement/moral support or even for directions. (I also didn’t have my phone, because we didn’t want me having to be concerned about not breaking it if/whenever I fell, which he knew.) So, I was dealing with both fear and a bit of abandonment, on top of my tiredness and thirst (because no water bottle, for the change in balance it would cause). That was a rough several minutes, to be sure, and neither of us was on our greatest behavior.

Post-a-day 2022


For a few days now, I have had a sort of indigestion. I feel fine for a long while, and then a wave of ache and discomfort arrives, shaking my insides. I’ve had to rush to a bathroom more then once these past few days. How miserable it must be for people who have to live with something like this all the time… I am grateful this is only temporary. But I pray that it end tonight.

God, please heal this indigestion that is within me. Help me to pursue your will with my whole body functioning at its best. Please, heal all those in need of your healing tonight. In your name and with gratitude, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022


Last day of teaching for this assignment has completed! Woohoo!

We had a family dinner out tonight in celebration of my completion of the assignment. Now, onward to whatever else is next! (Sure, I most certainly have some big plans in place, but there is always a nearly-surprising amount of wiggle room in there for things to go entirely differently than intended – I have learned my lesson on that very well by this point!)

Dear God, please, help me to have clarity with each step of this, and guide me to fulfill your will in all that I do. Help me to be my best self with all that I am. Thank you for this blessing of a life. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022