Springtime 2018

Hey, it’s like Springtime in Houston now, so I declare it actual Spring here now.  🙂

Is it heart or nonsense?

from nothing to nuts

Good Morning

Another day, another something

Rodeo has begun

What to do… slash I am a nutcase sometimes

A happy respite

True to your heart

Get a handle

As the horses rest

Opera Snobs

Teeth Dropping

Toilets self-proclaiming status

Maybe a cowboy


Horses and Shooting

Rocks with that?

Long-necked fun

Late-night perquisites

Different kind of book

When Weird is One’s Normal

Getting in touch with nature naturally…-ish

Sick, yet again

Fairy Tales

Normal, you say?

Out of nowhere

My brain on leave

A brief step behind the ocd and normalcy

Disturb away 🙂

Step one

Sharing the Beauty

Easter (2018)

Easter, again

A small, small slice of (my) OCD life




Bliss on the winds


reading to…?

a step forward?

Atlas Shrugged (and so do I)

It’s for you…

Yess (again)

Effective Toilets

the outsider view of a culture, viewed by an insider

Nonsense that really does make sense

A time to live


Smells of me



Word fun

Food writing

Bedtime is never early

The leap of faith

All things come from God

Roller coasters every day

This is my family


walking onward

Got a sec’?

Kids these days… and those days

Childhood fears growing old with the best of us

Marry me, or leave me be

When we are rockstars


We are geniuses