Speaking in song

“Have I told you lately that I love you?” I ask as I approach a friend first thing in the morning, at the gym. “And that I am incredibly grateful to have you in my life?”

He smiles a huge, clearly grateful smile, chuckles slightly, and replies, “Same,” slightly embarrassed yet glad.

Somehow, that song lyric was in my head as I walked up to him, and I realized that it was a valid thought to be having, too – I hadn’t told him lately that I love him. He is a very dear friend of mine, and I am incredibly grateful to have him in my life. I tell others this somewhat often, and I usually tell him, too. But I hadn’t lately. And our interaction yesterday merely supported how awesome he is and how wonderful it is and has been to have him in my life, especially this past year. True friends are a gift from God, I swear.

Thank you, God, for love and life and true friends. Thanks be to God, Hallelujah, and Amen!

Post-a-day 2022

Sleep talk

Do you talk when you sleep? I don’t mean merely talking in your sleep, saying things aloud as you interact with your dreams. I do that one. I mean right now talking to others while you sleep. Conversations that, when referenced the next morning, you have absolutely no idea what the other person is even talking about, and you have zero recollection of a full-on conversation or series of verbal exchanges… even though most of them happened with eyes open…

Yeah, I find it rather spectacular and bizarre, too, but it, as I have lately learned, is real.

God, bless us with beautiful and good and restful sleep, please, as well as clear conversations that we actually remember. Amen! 😛

Post-a-day 2022


Do you know this commercial?

We just recently rediscovered it, and fell in love. Like, a week ago.

Now, I’m getting blue jeans from Boot Barn. I had to pick a couple sizes to see which would fit, since they don’t carry any of the jeans I want in the store. So, online purchase and return just for sizing it is!

I just opened my e-mail and saw the confirmation of shipment from Boot Barn. I said, “Oh! Boot Barn shipped my pants…” And THEN I said, “OOOHH!!! THEY SHIPPED MY PANTS! THEY SHIPPED MY PANTS!”

It was a lovely time. Thank you and amen!

Post-a-day 2022

Task board

Do you ever feel overwhelmed at merely the prospect of having so many things to do – or, even, that you want to do – that you determine just to stay out and not doing any of it at all??

Yeah… I’m working on not getting to the point right now. God, help me and us, please. Your will be done. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

Seriously?? :P

She exits the bathroom refreshed from her nighttime shower and teeth cleaning, ready to do some stretching and reading and get to sleep… and she freezes. A wall of… What on Earth???? Uuggghh!… potent gas hits her in the face. Not the kind that is dangerous to one’s health, of course, but the kind dangerous for one’s constitution, for one’s keeping down cookies.

“Golly,” she says, “Sometimes one can be too comfortable spending the night at a friend’s house!” And she promptly turns on all the fans and lights a match and candle to disperse and destroy the smell as fast as possible, before she gags or passes out from the dense, noxious gas… and not for the first time…

Post-a-day 2022


I absolutely love having something to do on a Saturday. For sure, yes. But having a lot to do on a Saturday is just rather overwhelming for me. I want one to three things… gym first thing, then one or two other things to happen throughout the rest of the day before a normal bedtime for me. Tomorrow, we had three things on the list after the gym, and it was all quite doable, because the third thing was so late. However, something came up that filled Sunday. So, now we also have to go to church Saturday evening, since we don’t want to have to get up super early Sunday, when we know we likely will be getting back to town and getting to sleep late Saturday night. So, four things. And then a call came up today that has to happen tomorrow… and prep work that has to happen before that call. We’re at six things now. And then, I get a message from my sister about my niece’s final softball game… tomorrow. (She hadn’t said anything about any previous games, and I hadn’t even known about the softball at all, but for a comment from my dad the other week. So, I figured her mentioning it meant it was important and would make a difference for me to attend.)

And there we have what was once a three-activity Saturday now turned into a seven-activity Saturday. Talk about stress and strain… I like buffer time. If I end up doing seven things, that’s great. It’s because I had so much open time and energy. But planning ahead of time for seven things… that’s just too much for my level of comfort.

But I am trusting God in this whole thing, and I ask for His guidance in fulfilling His will tomorrow and always. Dear God, hear this prayer, please. In Your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

P.S. Happy Earth Day, y’all!

Saddle up, horsey!

But who needs a chair or a cushion, when one has a person’s back on which to sit?!

Just about any child would agree with such a question, of course, but where do all the backs go when we grow up and surpass our sub-80-pound sizes? Piggy back rides are the greatest, and adventures through the living room and lava lands clinging to Horsey’s back are spectacular. Where have all my household cowgirl days gone?

Why has no one found a replacement for these lost games for us not-children??? P

erhaps these will be future categories in the CrossFit Games!!


Yes, some nights, I am, obviously, a bit totally nuts. So, whatever… just roll with it, yeah? 😉

Post-a-day 2022

Late night

“I don’t know what to write!” she declared as she sat, eyes half closed and bleary, exhausted on her floor. But she was talking to herself, she discovered, as her floor companion had, in the past 60 seconds, utterly and absolutely passed out from his own exhaustion.

She sighed with humor… the draw to take care of this grown adult like a small child, to give all she had into the love, support, and care of this person was growing stronger by the second. She sighed again…

She dared not only to dream it or to hope for it, but she actively pursued it. And she loved it.

Post-a-day 2022