I have been experiencing depression and lots of other negative emotions lately, with a lot of it sourced from my gym, which has always been a place of welcome and homeyness and safety. With new management and a new organization to who does what, the entire experience has changed… and it hasn’t been for the good on our end. There is so much potential available to it, but it has been a very rocky start. And my man and I have certainly gotten the rough and short end of it all. What makes it worse is that the people running it all likely have no earthly idea… even though they’re kind of the ones causing it, both directly and indirectly.

So, I’ve been wanting to leave the gym the past month-ish. But I haven’t found anything that offers the same fitness opportunity yet, so I haven’t left. (That’s how bad it has been, yes.) Since there is nowhere else to go right now, I am seeing if we can work this out here, at least for the time being. Perhaps brutal honesty is what is truly needed.

I reached out to the person in charge today, asking to schedule a meeting within the next week-ish. It was a positive response. Now, we just have to align on a time.

That all being said, I pray for the guidance to communicate effectively in this meeting. Thank you, God, for this opportunity. Help me to grow and fulfill your will as I make a positive difference for myself and the gym and all of its current and future members by having this meeting. In your name, I pray. Amen.

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Whenever we do beer crawls at the gym, I tend to find myself wondering why everyone else seems to be so bad at them. Am I doing it wrong?? I wonder each time. And each time it then is confirmed that I am doing them correctly. So, what gives? How am I loads better at beer crawls than even the best folks at the gym??

One morning, as I lay on the ground before the workout, discussing this with a workout friend, my arms and legs resting in the air above me as I gazed at my outstretched fingers, I said aloud, “I feel like I’m part bear…” We both cracked up at both the words and the scene surrounding them, but I hold to this day that the statement must be true, for many reasons, including but not limited to the fact that I bear crawl very easily and the fact that I actually growl and roar and clench my fingers like they’re massive claws preparing to attack. Now, I’m not saying a human mated with a bear at some point in my ancestry. I simple mean that we somehow got some of the same DNA as those big ole bears…


Oh… and Duolingo know it (just like it seems to know everything else all the time about my life… stalkers.).

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“You oughta see yourself,” she says, chuckling. “You look like…,” and she makes motions with her arms that are very clearly imitating a monkey.

Oh, I know, Grandma… I am incredibly aware… 😛

After the workout yesterday – mile run, 100 pull-ups (modified to difficult ring rows), 200 push-ups (modified to dumbbell push-ups for my wrist), 300 air squats, and another mile run, both runs with a 10lb weight vest on me – my arms are in big time muscle soreness. I hadn’t done push-ups in months because of my wrist, and I suddenly shot out 200 of them. It’s no wonder they hurt today, but boy, do they hurt! I actually woke up in the middle of the night last night, they were hurting so badly. I was rubbing and stretching half the night after that. Then, today, I couldn’t quite get my arms to bend normally, so, every time I itched my face or wiped my mouth or brushed back a lock of hair, my overly rounded arm shape made me look and feel just like a monkey.

Fortunately, all the vitamins and food and water and stretching and low-grade use of those muscles today has helped significantly. They aren’t healed fully, but they are much better than this time last night!

God, thank you for the blessing of this pain, this reminder always to take care of myself and be grateful for my body and its capabilities. Please, help me to heal fully that I might pursue fully and fulfill your will. In your name, I pray. Amen.

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I absolutely love having something to do on a Saturday. For sure, yes. But having a lot to do on a Saturday is just rather overwhelming for me. I want one to three things… gym first thing, then one or two other things to happen throughout the rest of the day before a normal bedtime for me. Tomorrow, we had three things on the list after the gym, and it was all quite doable, because the third thing was so late. However, something came up that filled Sunday. So, now we also have to go to church Saturday evening, since we don’t want to have to get up super early Sunday, when we know we likely will be getting back to town and getting to sleep late Saturday night. So, four things. And then a call came up today that has to happen tomorrow… and prep work that has to happen before that call. We’re at six things now. And then, I get a message from my sister about my niece’s final softball game… tomorrow. (She hadn’t said anything about any previous games, and I hadn’t even known about the softball at all, but for a comment from my dad the other week. So, I figured her mentioning it meant it was important and would make a difference for me to attend.)

And there we have what was once a three-activity Saturday now turned into a seven-activity Saturday. Talk about stress and strain… I like buffer time. If I end up doing seven things, that’s great. It’s because I had so much open time and energy. But planning ahead of time for seven things… that’s just too much for my level of comfort.

But I am trusting God in this whole thing, and I ask for His guidance in fulfilling His will tomorrow and always. Dear God, hear this prayer, please. In Your name, I pray. Amen.

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P.S. Happy Earth Day, y’all!

Muscle aches

After reaching my goal of workouts in a year l, from April 8 to April 7, though excited about reaching the goal, I was delighted no longer to have such a strict regimen in terms of gym attendance. I no longer have to go so many times per week, as I was doing, but I have the choice about going once again. And the chiropractor agreed with me that it would be best for my body for me to step back a bit from the workouts. I was pushing myself too hard with them and with their frequency.

So, now, I have been going the past week and a half half as often as I had been doing – three days per week instead of six – and it has felt great. My overall stress has gone down in terms of scheduling and sleep, and my body has started to receive the rest and relaxation it needs for real recovery – these workouts are not easy. The workout today had a repeat movement fro the past few weeks, and I was able to do it significantly more easily than I had even one week ago, the difference was immense. My muscles still ache, but I am now able to work on the lack of range of motion in my arms, rather than simple being able to move from the buildup of lactic acid and such from the workouts.

Thank you, God, for this much-needed rest and restoration of my body; and thank you for the fitness that this gym offers and provides for me and others. Please, bless us with continued and improved health and well-being, that we might better fulfill your will. In your name, I pray. Amen.

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Empirical data

As opposed to imperial… (stolen Death Star plans!)

Anyway, today marked my 201st workout at my gym for this membership year, April 8 of 2021 to April 7 of 2022. Tomorrow marks the beginning of my fourth year at this wonderful gym, and I am extremely grateful. Being part of this gym has helped to transform my life for the better – thank you, God, and thank you to all who have played positive roles in making this experience possible and happen. Amen.

I am the fittest I have ever been in my life right now, I look amazing, I feel amazing, I am strong, I am beautiful…, and I am woman – hear me roar. (No, literally, you can hear me roar regularly at these really tough workouts. I roared a bit just yesterday in the workout!) And my self-comfort and self-confidence are off the charts amazing, in large part due to this gym. It is spectacular, and so is the owner. Thank you immensely.

And now, after 201 workouts completed within year three, we shall set a new goal of 202 for year four. How many times do you do a really hard workout per week? Over here, we be crazy… and I know it. Doing my max effort pull-up’s after every workout, and getting two other guys to join the efforts for themselves after their workout of the day. Nuts, I tell you, we are nuts at this gym. And I am ever grateful and glad to be a part of it all. Thank you all. Thank you, God. This year will be 202 workouts for the year! Amen.

Post-a-day 2022


I went to my sister’s house early, so I could do a workout in her front yard at the same time as the gym was doing the same workout at the gym. Afterward, she and her husband would be leaving to go to something, and Imd be with the kids. As I finish my workout and go inside to go to the bathroom, one of the two girls who has been let outside during my workout decided to hide without telling anyone. I could see her from the bathroom window initially and had intended to play a bit with them out front before heading inside for the evening. I just had to go to the bathroom first, as I knew I was all bloody after those double unders.

However, she had other plans in mind when she decided to disappear/hide. The middle child and I walked the whole neighborhood, and she even started to cry. Something in me wasn’t worried, though – I kept wondering at that… was it a sixth sense guiding me then, telling me she was totally fine and was genuinely just playing a trick on us? I kept calm yet firm about finding the sister. After returning from the park, just as this older sister was starting to cry about her missing younger sister, I could hear scream yelling coming from the front yard. Sure enough, it was the youngest. She had been hiding in her dad’s truck apparently, having a blast as we all looked for her, though none of us was playing.

As we had been walking back to the house, I had been thinking of how ridiculous it was that I hadn’t even started my real supervision duties for the evening and there was already a kid missing – not the best start for me, ne? Man…

Obviously, I’m glad she was okay. But I’m still a touch spooked at the fact that I wasn’t spooked at all. I didn’t even know that she had a history of hiding or running off initially, and I had felt like she was just hiding somewhere nearby…

Thank you, God, for that bizarre yet helpful guide today. And please, do give the youngest kid a bit more sense. That was super not cool today on her part. Guide us that we be your love expressed. In your name, I pray. Amen.

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We work out

Today, I pushed myself at the gym, and it worked out well. I wanted to stop during the run, and felt a need to do so, and so I did. I got a sip of water and let my stomach rest, and then went for my final 400 of the mile. It didn’t feel great.

You see, I went at noon with my friend today. But I don’t know how to go at noon. Not anymore, anyway. I just end up messing up my food, and regularly start feeling sick during the workout. Today’s workout involved a mile run, twice. Naturally, I felt like I might puke after only ten seconds or so of running… and do recall that I typically very much like running.

Initially, my left knee and right ankle were feeling a bit rough during the warm-up stuff. So, I used a pvc pipe to roll/rub out the surrounding relevant muscles on my left leg, and a bit on my lower right leg, too. When went to start the first run of the workout, while I was already nervous about the absurd cold outdoors, I was also nervous that I’d have to give up after the first 400m lap, or even soon… as my knee began to hurt, I intentionally engaged certain muscles more in my left leg, hoping that things might warm up and start feeling okay.

And they did!

And the wind was intense, pushing me out of step more than once.

And it started to rain on the second mile run of the workout! Only two of us stayed out for the whole run on the second mile – everyone else went inside to switch to the bikes after the first lap (of four or three).

And the second run actually felt decent. It didn’t feel good, exactly. Not at all. But, on the section in between the runs, I kept having to pause on the Russian twists to burp… a lot. So, I thought running might be easier on my belly after all that burping. And it truly was.

It was a bit of a crazy workout today, what with my body going nuts in a few different ways and the weather going nuts in its ways, but I really enjoyed it as a whole. Thank you, God, for this crazy and wonderful workout and day. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022


I didn’t go to the gym this morning, as going to bed at midnight after the opera just did not give my body the rest it needed to take on today, especially not with a workout to start it all off. So, I slept another two-ish hours, and that was barely enough to get by for the day.

After school, I got to go workout, though, despite my plans o babysit for my friend so she could go. Her dad came to watch the baby for 30-45 minutes while my friend drove to the my, and I finished working out and came home to take over the babysitting. I’m glad I got to work out, but, boy, I am wiped. The baby has a fever, which probably is playing a role in my present state of exhaustion – my body is probably working overtime right now (though, no fever for me, thank goodness).

At that, Imma sleep now. Goodnight.

Post-a-day 2022

We work out!

My friend came with me to the gym Saturday morning. She was a total trooper and did an awesome job. She is probably close to the most out-of-shape she has ever been in life right now, having not been able to get things sorted out with exercise time and all after having her baby almost a year and a half ago.

Yet, a few hours after the workout, she’s talking to me suddenly about the punch card she’s getting for the gym and what times and days she’s planning to go this week… And she says that, if she likes it and can make the timing all work okay, she will end up signing up for a subscription when the punch card runs out.

I was blown away and overjoyed. I hadn’t even brought up the idea of her ever coming with me again or signing up – I had merely invited her to come work out with me for one day. So, that made it extra-cool that she was interested in potentially joining the gym.

And, due to an atypical schedule for her tomorrow, instead of going in the morning with me, I’m going to babysit later in the day, so she can go then. AND there’s a chance her husband might be able to make his work schedule line up to go with her tomorrow to try it out himself. And that was her idea completely.

No matter how it all goes, I am grateful to have been able to make even the slightest difference in the health and well-being of my friend.

Thank you, God, for such love and opportunity. Amen.

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