Summer 2017

Korea and dancing

I’m Here!!

Still Awake at 6am

Dance breakthroughs

What’s my type??

How to go home

Adding to the Bucket List?

my kind of friends

Uh-oh, Ramen

when you stop and smell the flowers

Killer Khan

Normal or normal?

Where is the quiet?

In my head…

Late-night FaveTime

Blessings through a headache

Blood Driving

The Body Talks

Movies, oh, movies


Mount Tsukuba

Tess and E-mails

A free association?

Trumpet and Sex(?!)

Salty Hair

While everything is perfect


Copycat, copy the cat

City Surprises

Glitter bouquet

Sing-a-longs for school?

Miniature adventures on trains

Don’t play favorites?

The stress…

God, bless me, please

Hospitality Notes

Why you gotta be so…?

But… those are mine – the things we do for love

Sweet Dreams

Oxymorons and Dichotomies of clothes

My feet sit still

Shower heads and Showers

Soo not ready for what’s next…

Mind your tail

Asia?  Really?  Really

More than they can handle?

Another mountain awaits

Down the mountain, and utterly exhausted

Later, dude!

We hiked a mountain together

Cough, cough.. ugh… smoke

Getting ready to time-travel

Getting to the airport

beach day

Bathroom thoughts

Am I insane yet?


The pleasurable nose blow

the wrong side of the road…?

I can’t walk right…

Freedom’s Indecision


Life today

More days-of-the-week underwear fun

Shower Surprise

Hurricane’s a turnin’

The weather continues

The flood waters rise

Water on my mind

A compliment to remember

Say, What?!

Swiping Nuts

Mr. Right

Without a purpose

Diving boards and rains

The end of the day

A man’s bathroom

The non-traditional route

Today’s “ugh”

My side of the bed

Squeaky Clean Time

Is this friends talking?

A word scramble: as though my words were a Japanese tote bag with English writing

Love Notes for the World

Got confidence, or passion?

…holding out for a (anger) management position…


Boys’ Choirs

Mass: exercise for the brain(?)

rainy days hold my heart

Just keep swimming…

my childhood bestie

Books for Previews

a place in our world