27 February, 2022

Tonight, I requested some prayer support. I am going to apply for a particular teaching position for next school year, and I would like some support regarding both the courage to do it, and the grace of God to fulfill His will in my doing it. I had a really spectacular experience in adoration the other day, and I feel that this is what I’m being called to do. That doesn’t make it any less scary, though… In fact, it makes it even more so… Because, now, I’m not doing this for myself anymore. I never want to let myself down, but that pales in comparison to how much I want to be sure not to let others down. And I am doing this for God and for His creation… not for myself alone, but only for me through them all first.
Alas, it is scary for me. But I trust in God and His call to me.
God, help me, please, to follow and pursue your will for me, what I am most here to do. Give me the courage and the strength to be your love in this world as I fulfill that will. Grant me your grace, please, that I embody all that I am here to be and to create and to begin and to complete through this beloved life of mine, through you. In your name, I pray. Amen.
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P.S. My birthday is about to begin…


And so, it shall begin… tomorrow is or first (and second!) shift of the rodeo for our rodeo committee this year. My mom and I are delighted – it has been so long…

May Houston and its people and animals and visitors be safe and welcoming these next few weeks as we revel in the reestablish meant of this wonderful tradition in Houston. HLSR, here we come!

Post-a-day 2022

P.S. Rodeo actually starts next week, but the Barbecue Cook-off is this weekend, which is what kicks off the rodeo season every year.

We work out

Today, I pushed myself at the gym, and it worked out well. I wanted to stop during the run, and felt a need to do so, and so I did. I got a sip of water and let my stomach rest, and then went for my final 400 of the mile. It didn’t feel great.

You see, I went at noon with my friend today. But I don’t know how to go at noon. Not anymore, anyway. I just end up messing up my food, and regularly start feeling sick during the workout. Today’s workout involved a mile run, twice. Naturally, I felt like I might puke after only ten seconds or so of running… and do recall that I typically very much like running.

Initially, my left knee and right ankle were feeling a bit rough during the warm-up stuff. So, I used a pvc pipe to roll/rub out the surrounding relevant muscles on my left leg, and a bit on my lower right leg, too. When went to start the first run of the workout, while I was already nervous about the absurd cold outdoors, I was also nervous that I’d have to give up after the first 400m lap, or even soon… as my knee began to hurt, I intentionally engaged certain muscles more in my left leg, hoping that things might warm up and start feeling okay.

And they did!

And the wind was intense, pushing me out of step more than once.

And it started to rain on the second mile run of the workout! Only two of us stayed out for the whole run on the second mile – everyone else went inside to switch to the bikes after the first lap (of four or three).

And the second run actually felt decent. It didn’t feel good, exactly. Not at all. But, on the section in between the runs, I kept having to pause on the Russian twists to burp… a lot. So, I thought running might be easier on my belly after all that burping. And it truly was.

It was a bit of a crazy workout today, what with my body going nuts in a few different ways and the weather going nuts in its ways, but I really enjoyed it as a whole. Thank you, God, for this crazy and wonderful workout and day. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022


Talk about being a dope…

A coworker once said that, in order to teach sophomore boys, you have to be a bit of an idiot yourself. Put differently, you have to be in touch with your goofy, childlike fun side. I have thought much on this ever since he said it, and I come more and more to the same conclusion: that I was practically made for teaching ‘those idiots’, as he called them.

You see, I already struggle to keep a straight face at much of their idiocy in class. I purposely put the silly numbers and phrases into aural tests and quizzes, just to watch them struggle not to laugh. I joke with them at times. (Granted, I also totally tear into them, if they ever actually step out of line, but we tend to have fun in class more so than not, all while actually learning.) Things like that had me feel already that it made sense that I loved teaching the sophomores.

And I think it also plays into teaching the high school boys in general, though. They all require a certain level of being in touch with one’s inner idiocy.

Now, why is this all on my mind today in particular?

Well, I’m moving, right? My mom was handing me one last box for me to take to load up books from the storage unit this morning. And, of course, when she hands me this empty box, what is my natural response? I almost immediately flip it forward toward myself, and set it upside down on my head, like some childhood imagination boat captain hat. No hesitation either… I just stuck it on my head, and wondered after the fact at how odd or uncommon it must be for a grown woman to be wearing a box like a hat… 😛

Upon considering it, all I could really think was, ‘Wow…, I really am made to work with these dopes.’

P.S. I didn’t even think of it until just now, when I was actually doing it, but I also jump into my bed like a massive child most nights… my mattress is on the floor at present (though it isn’t usually), and I typically jump onto it like some superhero landing to save the day, power stance and all… talk about being in touch with the inner child, right?? 😛 Haha

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Well, I got a decent amount moved today. Still loads to go – literally – tomorrow, and likely Wednesday, too (for the furniture), but today was a good start. I’m not easy, and I think it’s because I’m still not sure how I’m going to manage all the furniture yet. But there is a yet in that sentence, for I know I will figure it out. I’m just managing getting everything done before the end of this coming weekend, so I’m currently feeling the pressure of that timeline (and the goal timeline of finishing Thursday).

God, give me the strength – literally -, please, to make this all happen beautifully and successfully over the next couple days. Thank you for this opportunity. Please, help me to do the best possible with it, that I might be your love in the world. In your name, I pray. Amen.

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God, I trust you.

Today, I went to help/volunteer at a track and field meet. I verbally signed up in response to a sort of challenge back in November – something about how I didn’t have a problem with early mornings, and so didn’t think I would struggle with their schedule…, I think. I had been told (and write in my calendar and verbally confirmed) that we needed to be there at 5am to set up. Turns out, it was actually 5:30am, which is rather different so early in the morning.

My friend had asked me why I even was going, when we were watching the Olympics the night before, and I’d said I had to go to bed, even though I’d wanted to keep watching. She said that since I didn’t have to be there, then why was I even going, since I had an alternative of staying up to watch Olympics and spend time with her. I considered it, but it was only moments for me to be 100% clear that I truly wanted to go to this meet and that I felt a real calling to be there (and to be on time and do the whole thing).

And getting there too early actually worked out perfectly, because it then became a whole silly and impressive thing that I was possibly the first person ever to arrive before this one particular coach.

The day as a whole was awesome. I felt throughout my whole being that I was where I needed to be today, on every level. It was spectacular. Oh, God, thank you for this amazing blessing. I am awed by the glory of this whole experience and the love I truly was given through it today. Thank you. Amen. Please, help me to continue to have such experiences, where I can feel that I am exactly where I need to be and where I am needed, exactly when I need to be there. In your name, I pray. Amen.

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Family time

“Come spend time with your family, Hannah,” says my friend to entice me to stay and watch the pairs ice skating with them, instead of going to the bathroom and then bed.

Naturally, I went to the bathroom, and then came back to the living room to spend time with my “family”. I still have to go to bed asap, as I must be at school for five AM tomorrow, but this was silly and fun to have some “family time”. We’ve been living together since the first of the year, and it’s been really like family… truly, it has been a blessing.

Thank you, God. May we continue to share your love and light in the world. In your name, I pray. Amen.

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