Talk about being a dope…

A coworker once said that, in order to teach sophomore boys, you have to be a bit of an idiot yourself. Put differently, you have to be in touch with your goofy, childlike fun side. I have thought much on this ever since he said it, and I come more and more to the same conclusion: that I was practically made for teaching ‘those idiots’, as he called them.

You see, I already struggle to keep a straight face at much of their idiocy in class. I purposely put the silly numbers and phrases into aural tests and quizzes, just to watch them struggle not to laugh. I joke with them at times. (Granted, I also totally tear into them, if they ever actually step out of line, but we tend to have fun in class more so than not, all while actually learning.) Things like that had me feel already that it made sense that I loved teaching the sophomores.

And I think it also plays into teaching the high school boys in general, though. They all require a certain level of being in touch with one’s inner idiocy.

Now, why is this all on my mind today in particular?

Well, I’m moving, right? My mom was handing me one last box for me to take to load up books from the storage unit this morning. And, of course, when she hands me this empty box, what is my natural response? I almost immediately flip it forward toward myself, and set it upside down on my head, like some childhood imagination boat captain hat. No hesitation either… I just stuck it on my head, and wondered after the fact at how odd or uncommon it must be for a grown woman to be wearing a box like a hat… 😛

Upon considering it, all I could really think was, ‘Wow…, I really am made to work with these dopes.’

P.S. I didn’t even think of it until just now, when I was actually doing it, but I also jump into my bed like a massive child most nights… my mattress is on the floor at present (though it isn’t usually), and I typically jump onto it like some superhero landing to save the day, power stance and all… talk about being in touch with the inner child, right?? 😛 Haha

Post-a-day 2022

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