Better late-night than never

I finally got him to walk me through the seemingly fifty-million places he lived and with whom throughout his life tonight. I’ve only been trying to figure it out from the random pieces he mentions here and there, but so much of it has contradicted with other things he’s said, I’ve been at such a loss as to when on earth actually went down in his life before I met him.

So, tonight after dinner, he lay on the sofa, digesting, and slowly thought through it all, relaying it to me slowly, but in order for once. There were vague bits here and there, but I finally have a reasonable picture of his moving about and why for each one.

Phew… finally, I feel some relief about that. As it turns out, there were actually even more moves and more convolution than I had previously understood there to be, but I now actually know about them, which makes a positive difference. (At last, I’ll be able to know what on earth his family are referencing when they talk about times passed! Woohoo!)

But it did take a long time, during which I seriously needed to potty, and even had to stand leaning over by the end of it, just to relieve pressure on my bladder. That wasn’t cool. And it was also about twenty ‘til midnight by the time he finished. I was already tired from little sleep and a busy day with teaching little kids at the karate event all midday today, so I was beyond exhausted. But it was worth it, since he was willing to take the time to think through it all, so I could understand things.

Thank you, God, for this life. Please, help us all to release the traumas that we carry. Help us to find comfort, release, and ease in your love. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2023


I guess I could use that for now, since it’s here. Would it fit over there? No. It could go here… It’s heavy, though. I’ll have to use the dolly or else ask him to move it. I don’t particularly want to involve him in it, though. … I could just leave it there and still put the stuff in it…(even though that is absolutely absurd and ridiculous…)

Deal. Done. Let’s do it now.

Post-a-day 2022

Moving on up

And so it is that the bedroom feels much more like a bedroom now. Not that it didn’t before feel like a bedroom, but that it now feels like a bedroom that could be my bedroom… one in which I actually could want to live and sleep and dress and all. No, it certainly isn’t complete, of course, but the bulky furniture is swapped out for things that fit much better and leave loads more space around the bed; the dark shag rug is gone; and the floors and baseboards have all been wonderfully cleaned. It is an awesome move for today, and I am incredibly grateful to have gotten it all done. Now, I am absurdly wiped and must sleep. Asap. Goodnight.

Post-a-day 2022

Hoot-hoot, hoot-hoot

Night owlism showed up for me very strongly tonight. I got home a bit later than expected, and ate food and whatnot, but then got to work on unpacking and tidying. Each hour came and then went.. seven, eight, nine, ten… until midnight, I worked and got things moving for real. I doubt I will be up in three hours from now, so I pray for great sleep and rest tonight, God, and I thank you for this lovely and blessed life. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022


Today, I covered a few more steps in unpacking and setting up my living space. They were all a mix of things, big and small and in between, I suppose, but I am noticing now, as I prepare for bed, how all of them have made already a big difference.

There is a small lamp plugged in by the door now, and a vase and a little star with a light just sitting along the wall by one of my paintings… they are definitely not in their permanent places – like a huge percentage of the stuff I have been putting away these past two days – but just having them here, visible, with me has made it feel so much more comfortable, cozy here in my room. I feel more at-home, à l’aise. And it makes me want to do more, which, I believe, is a good sign and thing.

Alas, I must be at work tomorrow, but not until about 9:45am. So, I’ll have some morning time to get some things done. Dear God, please, help me to get up and going effectively early tomorrow morning such that I can be my best self all throughout the day and night tomorrow. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

(Yup. Still have to think about the year!)


Tomorrow, I aim to clean up and clear out a lot. Tomorrow and Wednesday, really… I have much to do, yes, but I have much time in which to do it in these next two days. Dear God, please, help me to sleep well and to work effectively and efficiently with this work this week. Help me to make a home that welcomes both of us living here and all those we invite into it. Help me to express your love even through my home. And, please, give me the needed rest to heal my body this week and to give me full energy to accomplish the unpacking and tidying and cleaning I want to make happen this week. Thank you for this life and these challenges he’s and this support I have. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

No, sleep tonight!

Well, I’m on my bed, in the new apartment, getting ready to go to sleep. I am a tad nervous. I am still here, doing it, though. I can do this. I can have an amazing time living here comfortably.

But I just get to sleep now, as it is getting far too close to midnight for me still to be awake. Good thing I have the highway to keep me company, or else I might have felt lonely in the new place in quiet darkness.

God, please, keep us safe and well living here, that we may best fulfill your will in the world. I love you. Thank you for this life and its infinite blessings. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022


I’m staying at my sister’s this weekend while they are out of town. I think that is the perfect time to move my bed out of my friend’s house. That way, I can adjust things at the apartment as needed before I actually have to stay there on Sunday night. But I can prepare myself mentally Friday and Saturday nights while at my sister’s house, and then my brain likely can adjust better to the idea of moving there when it had already been moving and has been somewhere it considers ‘away from home’ already. That way, I won’t be moving from ‘home’ to ‘somewhere strange and not as nice’. Instead, I’ll go from ‘home’ to ‘my sister’s house’ and then to ‘another place’, where I will start to adjust over time to have it feel like a ‘home’ of its own.

I like this idea. God, help me, please, to enact it well! I trust in your timing and in all you do and wish. Help me to manifest and to embody it all through and for you. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

(Yup. Still hesitating.)

Moving on along…?

I took a step today that shall begin my process of moving into the apartment where I am paying rent. Sure, most of my stuff is over there. But I’ve still been living at my friend’s house. I have been – and still am – scared to move there. I love the company and the lifestyle and the cleanliness here, and the newness of the house’s renovations… and the feeling of complete safety with them here.

God, give me the strength to do what I must do in order to move into this apartment. Help me with this transition, please, and help me to maintain this amazing connection you have allowed so unexpectedly to form between me and my friend and her little family, even as I move into my own apartment and out of their spare bedroom. Give me comfort and confidence in your will through this endeavour. In your name, I pray. Amen. And thank you for this life. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

(Definitely still have to think about that year!)


Talk about being a dope…

A coworker once said that, in order to teach sophomore boys, you have to be a bit of an idiot yourself. Put differently, you have to be in touch with your goofy, childlike fun side. I have thought much on this ever since he said it, and I come more and more to the same conclusion: that I was practically made for teaching ‘those idiots’, as he called them.

You see, I already struggle to keep a straight face at much of their idiocy in class. I purposely put the silly numbers and phrases into aural tests and quizzes, just to watch them struggle not to laugh. I joke with them at times. (Granted, I also totally tear into them, if they ever actually step out of line, but we tend to have fun in class more so than not, all while actually learning.) Things like that had me feel already that it made sense that I loved teaching the sophomores.

And I think it also plays into teaching the high school boys in general, though. They all require a certain level of being in touch with one’s inner idiocy.

Now, why is this all on my mind today in particular?

Well, I’m moving, right? My mom was handing me one last box for me to take to load up books from the storage unit this morning. And, of course, when she hands me this empty box, what is my natural response? I almost immediately flip it forward toward myself, and set it upside down on my head, like some childhood imagination boat captain hat. No hesitation either… I just stuck it on my head, and wondered after the fact at how odd or uncommon it must be for a grown woman to be wearing a box like a hat… 😛

Upon considering it, all I could really think was, ‘Wow…, I really am made to work with these dopes.’

P.S. I didn’t even think of it until just now, when I was actually doing it, but I also jump into my bed like a massive child most nights… my mattress is on the floor at present (though it isn’t usually), and I typically jump onto it like some superhero landing to save the day, power stance and all… talk about being in touch with the inner child, right?? 😛 Haha

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