What was the thinking here?

My man found himself this evening about seven and a half miles away from the road, on a beach where there had once been a highway that had washed out one too many times, the government had given up on it.

I imagine he was rough-housing it, playing in his SUV on the beach. However, he got far too close to the water, and that beach decided he was going to park it. And so, he was stranded on that beach.

At present, he has been stuck for over two hours, and we have confirmed that the tide is going out, not in, which he had originally thought was the case and which elicited much panic and stress from the both of us. In fact, the tide will continue to go out for another hour+, which is great news.

The guy who works on his car sometimes happens not only to be a specialist on his type of car, but also to be a big-time off-roader who has something like 15+ vehicles, several of which are big trucks. I’ve ridden in one of them, actually. This guy is on his way now to go get my man and his vehicle off the beach. Yippee!

Granted, it’s an hour and a half drive just to where the road ends, plus those extra seven and a half miles on the beach. Also, if my man had mentioned it to me sooner, the friend I asked would have immediately recommended the very guy who is now on his way to rescue my man, and the whole thing potentially could have been set into motion an hour or an hour and a half sooner, instead of at ten o’clock at night…

However, he is on the way and he is the right man for the job, so we are all grateful.

God, please, get both of them and their vehicles safely home tonight and in great condition, please. Please. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2023

Safe travels

Dear God, please, keep my man safe in his travels this weekend especially. Grant him the space he needs to release all that he has been carrying so heavily these past years. Help him to free himself willingly from the restraints that have kept him from being true to himself, true to the man You made him to be. Give him clear sight of who he wants to be, longs to be, was made to be, and grant him the tools and the endurance and the drive to become that man, always and forever. Thank you for the blessing of him. Help him to be ever more so the blessing Yoi long for him to be, both to the world and to himself. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2023

Being one’s best self

What does one do when one loves another and wants the best for that other person, yet one disagrees with that person as to what is best for that person’s health and well-being?

Really, I’d like to know…

I suppose the only true answer here is to pray – let go, and let God.

Okay, God, I give it up to you. I am terrified, and I give it up to you, nonetheless and all the more. I trust in you. Please, help us to see clearly and to pursue your will and your love. Help me to speak the words that need to be spoken, to say what needs to be heard. And help us both to hear what needs to be heard on all sides. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2023

Getting taller

We have finally worked out, it seems, a safe an effective way of having my neck stretched and releasing the somewhat compressed vertebrae in my neck and, even, upper and middle back. Golly, did that feel amazing when those three stretches released all those tight spots – just wow. I can tell that I still have a few more spots in that area, but we don’t want to shift too much too fast, so we’ll let it all set a bit over the next few days, and then reevaluate.

We have almost figured out how to release my lower back, just not quite. Several vertebrae did release down low, but the two that are kind of rotated toward each other did not release. I felt them get so close, I could almost feel the relief. Alas, they held on in the end. But this adjustment was loads closer to getting them back to place than we’ve had recently. God, of it be your will, please, allow my full spine to resettle into its best form soon, allowing me to pursue your will most effectively with my body fully intact and thriving. Help me, too, always to honor my body and, therefore, you and your creativity and creation. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

Scratch my back?

One of the greatest parts of having a flatmate is the silly requests for help that are so easy and so acceptable. For example, ‘Could you use the trigger point gun on these muscles on my back that I can’t reach?’, ‘Could you scratch my back for me?’, ‘Would you help me do this stretch?’

Obviously, a lot of physical requests come to mind initially for me. However, they can be all sorts of requests, and they are all so easy and acceptable. I, for one, and so grateful for being able to help with and request help for them again. Tonight, my itchy back from the drying-out shower soap was grateful for the neighborly back scratch it got.

So, thank you, God, for such a fun and silly situation. I love you. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

Thank you, officers

After lots and lots of searching and calling and waiting, a station officer told me that I actually just needed to call 9-1-1, and tell them it was not an emergency, so they could clock it as a non-emergency and actually get me the help I needed… at the then-1:15 in the morning.

And so, I did. It was bizarre. After waiting another very long time, however, I sorted out something slightly sketchy to solve the problem, and called them back to cancel. I explained what I had had, the woman apologized at my having had to do that, and said she understood why I was wanting to cancel the officer, and said that she would cancel it.

Not even a minute and a half later, the police vehicle showed up in front of the house.

So, I went on out and talked to the two officers. They were extremely sweet, understood why I wanted to cancel, and gave me a much better option that left me feeling, I believe, joyful and extremely grateful, of course.

But wow… how often do I stay out late in the first place? And the one time I do in a long time, it ends up being past midnight, and I end up on the phone with 9-1-1 and talking with several police officers… haha

But I am safe and well. Remember that.

Post-a-day 2021

Depressively alone – alas, a prayer

Well, I think I actually accomplished a decent amount today, but I definitely don’t feel very accomplished. In fact, as I noticed earlier today, I have noticed symptoms of depression, especially today. I know that I am about to begin menstruating, and that always gives me an edge of somberness. But it feels like much more than that. I feel a sense of loneliness in my solitude throughout the day, and I struggle to do just about anything – even going down to the bathroom takes extra effort, and so I end up drinking less water – and that includes eating. While I recognize these signs, and I struggle to do anything about them on my own, I do know to reach out for support when I am like this. So, with much schedule-changing, I managed to have dinner with my dad, putting me into contact with at least one person today, and giving me a hearty and filling plate of caloric nutrition. I actually felt sick as I headed out to dinner, I hadn’t had nearly enough food throughout the day… or over the past couple days beforehand either. And my sleep has been short and poor… It gets harder for me to go to bed when I am feeling like this. One of the earliest signs of it all – wanting to call someone whenever I am alone, especially driving, and not being excited about getting to bed at night are two of the most obvious early signs of depression for me.

But I have started accomplishing things today. Tomorrow morning, I have two activities that I must attend – not the gym – and that likely will help me power forward with accomplishing things in my day. I’m hoping to get some calligraphy practice (if not the actual present) done beforehand in the morning, though I might just have tea and chill (or tea and coding practice/lesson) in the morning, since it’s already nine o’clock now, and I still have to stretch and read before bed. If I go the latter route, then I will do the calligraphy after the yoga and apartment appointments, and then go to the music concert in the evening. I hope it is chilly tomorrow. Chilly but bright days help me get going with things, because I get to dress up in cool-weather clothing, which I love. And Christmas clothing!

I even played ukulele tonight a bit. Twice. Only one song, but it’s a tough one. “What are you doing New Year’s Eve?” I really like the song, and I want to do a recording for this year on my own. However, I haven’t exactly been playing much lately, and there are a lot of silly chords (aka uncommon and not-so-eay, but not-impossible) chords throughout it. And the singing is tough, too, for one part. But it is a good challenge, and I think it might even be helpful to me right now. If I can plan to record it in the next week or so, then that will be helpful in my accomplishing things as a whole, I know.

I’ve been wanting things to be settled more before I dive back into working at the clothing shop regularly. I don’t want to commit to shifts until the last minute. That bugs me, but that’s where I am right now. I’m in a major FOMO space. I think it is because I feel so alone that, should someone invite me to do something, I want to be able to seize the opportunity. But then, when people don’t invite me, it kind of makes everything worse. It sounds like I need to go ahead and start working more again. Hey, even if I work the maximum hours allowed per week, it won’t even be 25 hours of my week. So, I need to get over it and just ask to work in the mornings on weekdays period. Ugh… She’s right, you know… Yes, I am aware… 😛

I think my fear of it was that I would grow too comfortable being the woman who works at this shop, and I would forget the woman who taught those kids… kind of like I had before… God, guide me, please… Help me to be clear exactly which path to follow right now, and help me to follow it with the confidence that you will remind me of what I need to know, exactly when I need to know it. Please, help me. Amen.

P.S. I realized earlier that 2020 was literally the longest year of my life. Truly, it was literally the longest. I am not misusing the word where “figuratively” should be used. I was in The Philippines for NYE 2019 to the first few days of 2020. That meant my 2020 began 14 hours earlier than it would have in Houston, Texas. Then, I was in Texas (Galveston, to be precise) for NYE 2020 to the first of January of 2021. How is this different from 2017, you ask, when I was in Japan for the start and Texas for the end of the year, a 15-hour difference to a regular year? Well, 2020 was also a leap year. So, my 2020 had not just 24 hours on any given year, but it had 38 hours more to it than any average year of my life. And that is pretty cool. The fact that it aligns beautifully with the bizarre events of the world’s drama just tops the whole things off. I love a good nerdy joke, and God and The Universe know it. Thank y’all for such a blessing as it was to discover that today, as well as for the year itself. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ OXOXO

Post-a-day 2021






‘There you go.

‘It was your talus.

‘Should be good now.’

Ugh. I am certainly grateful, but stinking chiropractors, making my major worries the past weeks suddenly seem stupid. Just ugh.


Hopefully, I’ll be able to function fully again after another few days or so, though! Cautiously optimistic and looking forward to it!

Post-a-day 2021

Dearest Angels

I believe you can hear me, you feel me, and you know me…, and you respond to me. Thank you. Please, comin the to guide me, that I might be the love that is needed in this world, that we might heal those I meet with this love that is The Universe and God itself. I know you hear and feel my prayers. Thank you. Let us continue.

Post-a-day 2021

P.S. ^ It’s been nice, completing this fifth year of sharing with the world daily.


Dear God and Universe, I am worried about him. Please, please, help him to breathe and to heal from the struggles and pains that he has been facing and that have so suddenly expanded in his life. Please, please, help him to persevere, to accept and to experience love for him as his true self, and to step forward beautifully and powerfully into this wonderful life that awaits him with immense love. May we bring positive prayers and love to the space around us all, such that the vibrations of that energy reach all the way to him, this one presently in such need. May our love continue to reproduce and expand throughout the world and all worlds.

In love and gratitude, we pray.


Post-a-day 2021