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Summertime Posts

Day One in Web-Logs

When Angels Arise

Getting Paid To Sleep

Groping for Avocados?

Beautiful, even with all the struggles


Autumn Posts

How crazy a to-do list can I make?


…that poor, crying girl

“Nope. Not today,” said the world

Morning tea and journaling

The Rain

A less than mediocre night

Feminine Confinement

A Subconscious Response To Lonliness

Cultural Comfort?

I ring my bell, ring my bell…

I ❤ Quinoa

today was yes, good

A Child’s Freedom To Snoop



Bananagrams, a poem

Just write…

Time Estimation

Bedtime thoughts

(Child) Games

Self-Expression (-ish)

To-Do Lists

Knitting keeps me up at night…

Music heals (a poem-ish)

Just like Mom

end goals


Grammar & George R.R. Martin

Long-Distance Besties

Bed Sharing

Unfinished Projects & Ice Cream


A Beautiful Woman

Dumpster Diving: a brief reflection

Music and Breath


Heading to the Americas

Waltzing in the night

Today’s fun facts, I suppose

Heading Home?


Hot shower and cleanliness

Fall is here without my gumption

Anti-Exploration? Moi?

No more, please…

A letter to my new friends


40 Days

Mystery Underwear

How Apple effectively removed music from my daily life

Tampons & Facebook

irrigating your ears


vocabulary and wardrobes

Fitting In? Fat Chance, honey 😛

A ponderous free-write

a friendly questionnaire

clothing’s expression

World AIDS Day

Friday Fame

Henna, Henna, & Hannah


Winter Posts

Life & Illness

Architecture is a gray area

Women’s Gym Buzz

Afraid of Greatness (in Language) (Really?)

Perfection in the Unexpected

Gumbo is a family affair

Heart-ing Accents

Breakdown in Town

Cheer up, Charlie

Dreaming of being Muslim

Beautiful Bodies

Stress made me write

ABBA in life

It’s just not Christmas

Rainbows of life

Phone Privacy

Oops: Thank You, Teacher

Music creates life

Dancing is a global language

Perhaps it’s the OCD…

A Memory

Songs for Friends and Self


Morning Breath

Automatic Reactions taking over…?

Anticipation, and Standards of Normalcy

A New Year

Moms as the best

Spaces after a period

Unexpected Student Interactions

The Goofy Tour Guide(?)

Across My Dreams

Nerd Jobs to the Rescue

Ice Cream in the Cold


A poem from Vienna

a Turn in the Road instead

Self-discovery and second opinions


A towel in your hair

Dreams that inspire tears


A dAy of Rest


The impossible and a new look at time

The Panic of Packing


Colorful Medicine


Round Something

And Unexpected Story From… Somewhere

Singapore at a glance

Shower Power

A glimpse of Japanese culture

What a day…(!)

The train station at 5am

Life and Movies and Longing

Japanese Health Clinic


Home is best shared

Soundtrack to life

Nonsense or not?

Food with its own standards

Happiness and secret crushes

Beer & Cigarettes

What’s in Your Pockets?

Inglorious Basterds

Smokers in Japan

Yoga and Winter Blues

Life Goals…?

Winter Weight

Bedtime Poetry

Valentine’s Day

Stuffed Animals

Winter, Wait – Weight, Workout

Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarves…?

Musical Theatre

Reading at Night

Japanese English

Depression and its quirks

You Don’t Know, Jack?: A Limerick

Dreams, come true?

The Shinkansen


Pork Buns and Handkerchiefs

Mardi Gras


Dance Class #1

Crushes & the imagination

Ooh, ah, ow!

My Elephant


A Window of Opportunity…?

And Ode (or something like it) to My Underwear

Saturday Mornings

Across the Universe

Becoming myself through depression

Okinawa, but actually Baseboards

Enough is Enough…?

What to write…? a poem

Umbrellas at Night

My best friend’s wedding… I mean brother-in-law… or both

career planning like child’s play

St. Patrick’s Day

an outlook saving the day

Bedtime Stories and Serenades

Speed Runner

The Ice Skating & Smelly Socks Affair

Trains, Phones, and Social Experiments

Blonde and Beautiful

Love-Hate relationships


Driving Lesson

Lifetime Movies

The Fear of Openness and Intimacy

the Power of Music

Workouts, Teachers, Tears, & Careers

Cowboy Church

A taste of my own medicine

Kanamara Matsuri

Thoughts for sleep

But then again…

Mirror, Mirror


Springtime Posts

Springtime is here… ish

Snuggle Love

Dating Mr. Perfect, or Being Perfect?

A Normal Life

Tonight’s Bedtime

Feelings of accomplishment

Japanese Verlan

What I want to do with a good chunk of my daily time

Good Books

a day’s checklist?

Eggs and Trilingual Songs

Baby Blue Eyes

Rain and Love


A New Self in an old place

Trying something old newly

Surprising Beauty

Making conversation at customs

Accepting a Dream

They are like cats

A World Traveler Ponders

Student love

A slice of bread

Trusting What’s Next

Rice Paddy Mazes

Twilight in Vienna

My Family is Ridiculous

The Yellow Rose of Texas…-ish… sort of

Slumber Party

Cinco de Mayo

Declare your wish with gratitude

Eclectically Musical

“Domo arigatou, mister robato…”

A spontaneous lesson

Japanese lost and found

Japan vs western toilets

Nara, kiddos, and Buddha boogers

Japanese totes and morale boosting

Think as you will…

Delightful Misinterpretation

A change in plans

Sick at work, and no one cares

Inner Physics

Large And In Charge…?

Happy Tampons

Empty Nest

Math class in Japanese

Being my own parent?

Magic in our pockets

Sofa Buddies

Worldwide Shipping

Trading Good for Great

“I want so much more…”

Serendipitous Unknowing

Coincidental Acquaintances filling the Heart

tuesday – tuesday – tuesday

Poetry, I suppose


Tears for Art

Picking leaves and drinking them

a day for rest

Note to self

Tomorrow’s Endeavor

How to write

Falling asleep

A philosopher for the moment

A short story

You’ve got mail

a little bit of imagining

Tonight, I…

School Clubs


A match made in France?

The power of words

Our Stories

My Dating Life


Summer 2017

Korea and dancing

I’m Here!!

Still Awake at 6am

Dance breakthroughs

What’s my type??

How to go home

Adding to the Bucket List?

my kind of friends

Uh-oh, Ramen

when you stop and smell the flowers

Killer Khan

Normal or normal?

Where is the quiet?

In my head…

Late-night FaveTime

Blessings through a headache

Blood Driving

The Body Talks

Movies, oh, movies


Mount Tsukuba

Tess and E-mails

A free association?

Trumpet and Sex(?!)

Salty Hair

While everything is perfect


Copycat, copy the cat

City Surprises

Glitter bouquet

Sing-a-longs for school?

Miniature adventures on trains

Don’t play favorites?

The stress…

God, bless me, please

Hospitality Notes

Why you gotta be so…?

But… those are mine – the things we do for love

Sweet Dreams

Oxymorons and Dichotomies of clothes

My feet sit still

Shower heads and Showers

Soo not ready for what’s next…

Mind your tail

Asia?  Really?  Really

More than they can handle?

Another mountain awaits

Down the mountain, and utterly exhausted

Later, dude!

We hiked a mountain together

Cough, cough.. ugh… smoke

Getting ready to time-travel

Getting to the airport

beach day

Bathroom thoughts

Am I insane yet?


The pleasurable nose blow

the wrong side of the road…?

I can’t walk right…

Freedom’s Indecision


Life today

More days-of-the-week underwear fun

Shower Surprise

Hurricane’s a turnin’

The weather continues

The flood waters rise

Water on my mind

A compliment to remember

Say, What?!

Swiping Nuts

Mr. Right

Without a purpose

Diving boards and rains

The end of the day

A man’s bathroom

The non-traditional route

Today’s “ugh”

My side of the bed

Squeaky Clean Time

Is this friends talking?

A word scramble: as though my words were a Japanese tote bag with English writing

Love Notes for the World

Got confidence, or passion?

…holding out for a (anger) management position…


Boys’ Choirs

Mass: exercise for the brain(?)

rainy days hold my heart

Just keep swimming…

my childhood bestie

Books for Previews

a place in our world


Fall, y’all (2017)

An Evening of Moon River, and more


an old fashioned telephone and a strawberry?


There is and there aren’t…

My real voice

wind chimes

Write a book, man!

In the raw… not

St. Lucia’s Day

The stairs attacked me

Kill Bill and Mailboxes

Family and music

Cousin fun and virgin drinks

Weddings and Children

Mass, Cats, and Weimaraners

Photography Skills…?


Being a teacher… ouch

A hug of love

Sleep, or stare at the wall?

That Jacket

Today, and also beauty

Today’s bumps, I guess

Book nerd much?

College Crush

at night

High School Fun in the Club

For the common good… -ish

Ninja Stuff

Good morning… fancy an earthquake?

Apples, Apple Butter, and Why the Dentist Likes Me

And the tears come rolling in

Think conscious thoughts…

Kokopelli and breakthroughs

‘One Spanish-speaking Boyfriend, please’

What’s next’s what’s next

Halloween sneakiness

Becoming Jack Black, teacherly

La Traviata and the World Series

Japanese Animal Crackers

Happy Houston Astros Day

Pants at home

Making space in my life

It really is all relative

Oh, to be a lion…

A quality life

Opera, Veterans, and Travel

a day to consider my life

Is it tomorrow already?

Singing to the unprepared listeners

Sexy, not Sex

Hers, mine, & ours

Satisfaction… at last

My life/books

ukulele, poke, and cray-zay

An unhappy belly and body


Late-night shared delights

A thank-you note

Finishing the chapter

Happy Thanksgiving

Song chat

Magical life

What scares you…

My very own “Pretty Woman” scene

Bring your parents to work?

A request of you…

My well-worn boots

A letter to Santa and a new perspective

Christmas Music and Photos at the Beach

The Lingering Effects of Culture?

Moms and being young at heart

Free/Me Time…?

Writing, math in life…

Time for Multilingual Christmas Stuff

Snow in Houston, Texas (and t-rex Christmas cards)

Life goals(?)

A foreigner at home?

Granny at heart?

Singing, Showering, and liking you better…

Asian-English teatime with the bff sister

Just…oh, man…

Church, bras, and tangled hair

Mortification after Consideration

Unpaid, at last?

Nighttime Window

Cultural Pants with Mom

Forgotten Decaffein


Winter 2017-2018


Family times

Handing it off to a better expert…?

Something in your teeth?

A different kind of Christmas gift-giving, I suppose

Table Troubles

Ninja Gym: Round Two


Tying up dirty boys with grammar

the body


Longest and Shortest Years

Full Moon Dreams

‘I am not a robot…’

Teatime with the girls


Dreams disregarded

That feeling

A Storm

Unpacking & Unboxing

that 1%…

So, what are you?

A silly thought


Is it all mental?

Dancing and talking

‘How was your weekend?’

Siri just won’t listen

ukulele and hula

Speaking of mountains…

The answering machine commands

Bedtime perfection

Cousin Talk

Where are you?

Baby steps, again

My life in a novel

pillow pals



Walking the fence

The world turned upside down

Delta your life, daily


Tasty Ice and Salt

Bud, My Buddy

Creating my space

Breakdown & Breakthrough: All in a day’s work

fingertips free


A found letter from Japan

Monotony on the brain

Accomplishment: check

Fear of something, but what?

Like kids in the sandbox

Cleaning out, finding magnificence


Cleaning out = unexpected exhaustion

A letter from my past self

Frosty Fun

Crazy and some more crazy

How do You shave?

Stepping up

Another letter from Japan



Floor Hockey Rockstars

I am from…

Art Alive

When we are down

My longest year so far


Springtime 2018 – yeehaw!


Is it heart or nonsense?

from nothing to nuts

Good Morning

Another day, another something

Rodeo has begun

What to do… slash I am a nutcase sometimes

A happy respite

True to your heart

Get a handle

As the horses rest

Opera Snobs

Teeth Dropping

Toilets self-proclaiming status

Maybe a cowboy


Horses and Shooting

Rocks with that?

Long-necked fun

Late-night perquisites

Different kind of book

When Weird is One’s Normal

Getting in touch with nature naturally…-ish

Sick, yet again

Fairy Tales

Normal, you say?

Out of nowhere

My brain on leave

A brief step behind the ocd and normalcy

Disturb away 🙂

Step one

Sharing the Beauty

Easter (2018)

Easter, again

A small, small slice of (my) OCD life




Bliss on the winds


reading to…?

a step forward?

Atlas Shrugged (and so do I)

It’s for you…

Yess (again)

Effective Toilets

the outsider view of a culture, viewed by an insider

Nonsense that really does make sense

A time to live


Smells of me



Word fun

Food writing

Bedtime is never early

The leap of faith

All things come from God

Roller coasters every day

This is my family


walking onward

Got a sec’?

Kids these days… and those days

Childhood fears growing old with the best of us

Marry me, or leave me be

When we are rockstars


We are geniuses


The Opera

Absurd Mothering

What to do with my life…

Being Beautiful & Powerful


Step Nonsense

New moon

Pursuing Dreams

40-day plan

What’s your nerd field?

Beauty and the Beast

What a day…

Rain, rain

Stick with it, hon’

So tired…

Is my memory sound?


Kolache love

Eat up, dearest

Fleas bit me

Women can, but can we see that?

Delighted, though iffy

the real question

Family Time

When what was easy, turns difficult

Just do it

Friend groups

Dear Goodness, really??

Pallet Ingenuity

Unbelievable life

Flying together

Self-expression followed by rejection?


We’re all birds, apparently


Marriage is what brings us together today

Say, what??

Today’s cranial mood


Let go, and let God

Rainy Dreams

Sleepy time? Hardly

Work your nerd