Winter 2017-2018

Winter in name, but not in weather – this is Houston.

Family times

Handing it off to a better expert…?

Something in your teeth?

A different kind of Christmas gift-giving, I suppose

Table Troubles

Ninja Gym: Round Two


Tying up dirty boys with grammar

the body


Longest and Shortest Years

Full Moon Dreams

‘I am not a robot…’

Teatime with the girls


Dreams disregarded

That feeling

A Storm

Unpacking & Unboxing

that 1%…

So, what are you?

A silly thought


Is it all mental?

Dancing and talking

‘How was your weekend?’

Siri just won’t listen

ukulele and hula

Speaking of mountains…

The answering machine commands

Bedtime perfection

Cousin Talk

Where are you?

Baby steps, again

My life in a novel

pillow pals



Walking the fence

The world turned upside down

Delta your life, daily


Tasty Ice and Salt

Bud, My Buddy

Creating my space

Breakdown & Breakthrough: All in a day’s work

fingertips free


A found letter from Japan

Monotony on the brain

Accomplishment: check

Fear of something, but what?

Like kids in the sandbox

Cleaning out, finding magnificence


Cleaning out = unexpected exhaustion

A letter from my past self

Frosty Fun

Crazy and some more crazy

How do You shave?

Stepping up

Another letter from Japan



Floor Hockey Rockstars

I am from…

Art Alive

When we are down

My longest year so far