Friday night

Tonight, I think I want to go home after school and just go to bed.

Mom invites us to a family dinner at an awesome Mexico City restaurant, where we go once or twice a year, essentially to celebrate Mexican holidays. (Remember, we’re part Mexican [though, not really].)

We stay there way later than expected, as my brother can’t arrive until an hour after planned, and then we have a lovely time just all being together. Man has to go run errands, and I stay with family. Brother takes me home, and stays to hang out and talk. Man comes after his errands. They have a beer together. It is now almost one A.M.

Seriously? So much for going straight to bed tonight… ugh. Definitely not doing the morning workout, now, and hopefully can get enough sleep to function for the karate training seminar tomorrow. And hopefully I can go to bed early tomorrow night, so that I can be prepared for the part-time job I have to do Sunday (though don’t want to do).

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Saturday night…

This plan or this plan?? Which to choose??

Three hours later… Do we have to go out tonight?

No joke, we must be like 80 at heart sometimes. Well, I am, anyway. I was delighted that I wasn’t alone on my desire to stay home and just go to bed when I felt like it tonight (for once!)!

Also, how did we end up staying up until after 1:30?! Ridiculous. Haha

Post-a-day 2022

Get your head in the game

But, sometimes, the head really hurts when we get too much into it all. Sometimes, we just need to have some cool water and pass out in bed.

God, please, grant me rest-filled, healing sleep tonight. In your name, I pray. Amen.

P.S. Happy Christmas in July!! Guess it is just like the holidays for some folks! 😛

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You know, I almost got to bed at a decent hour tonight. But then, of course, one thing came up, and it took forever to get done, and then I was just tired but determined still to get some more things handled that I’d already intended to handle before bed tonight. And so, here I am after 12:30 already, still not asleep. Thank you, God, that I am in my way to sleep, though! And thank you for the awesome progress! This house is truly starting to feel like a home. Amen!

Post-a-day 2022

Late-night mental meanderings

And so I sit, bleary-eyed and worn out, on the bed, awaiting my mate so that we can read and pray together. Most days, I wonder when I’ll get back to sleeping enough and going to bed early enough again. Most nights, I struggle to fathom how I ever functioned without him in my life. And no, this isn’t a reference to sex – not in the least – but merely a reference to the time of day when we think over everything from the day, almost passively considering everything and regularly discovering how we truly feel about things. As we shower and get ready for bed, we contemplate life. I do, anyway. And my contemplations tend to be glorious these days, even when he does piss me off or I stress him out big time over something.

Post-a-day 2022


What’s the deal?! Why can’t I get it together and get to bed sooner?! There’s far too much dilly-dallying going on in my life right now, when I have so much to get done. I really need to look over the next couple days or so what the deal has been and why I haven’t sorted out my sleep schedule yet. It has become a huge hassle, and I keep getting sick from not enough sleep every time I aim to get things back on track. Ugh… I can do this, though. I can do this.

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Yup, I must really be a homemaker. Why, you wonder? Because, instead of going to bed early slash at a normal hour for me tonight, I stayed up late sorting and tidying and cleaning at his house… and I not only stayed up late, but really late. And I had to force myself to stop and walk away, to go home and go to bed. Even though I’ll be back at it after breakfast with my dad in the morning and I have to be up early for the gym and that, it was a major struggle to stop for the night.

God, help me, please, to make this house a true, loving, inspiring, and god-filled home, and help him and me to work together as we do that with and through you. In your name, I pray. Amen.

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