French lawyers

Ever eaten an avocado like an apple?

(Actually, I eat apples in a very unique way, but I’m referring to the traditional way of eating an apple.)

I did today, and it felt wonderfully ridiculous… and a little messy…, but it was no messier than usual, actually, and it’s good for my skin, anyway. ūüėõ

(It was also delicious.)

Give it a try sometime, but – and possibly more importantly – try out something old today, but in a new way… and feel free to get creative and extra ridiculous.

P.S. If you don’t get the title, look it up in French. ūüėČ

Post-a-day 2018


Today’s cranial mood

My head, my head, my head, my head,

Why must you clench so,

And twist your muscles until they ache

And roll that hint of pain and strain

Down my spine and to my toes?


Let’s just have a rest, now, shall we?



Post-a-day 2018

Sick, yet again

What’s the point of getting sick, if there’s no one around to take care of you? ¬†Or, at least, to check in on you, and possibly bring some hot food for you… ¬†Sure, I get to take a break from going out into the world, but I hardly have the will to procure myself food when I’m healthy and well. ¬†Get me sick, and, though it is the time at which I most need quality nourishment, I hardly have the energy to get out of bed, let alone cook food to feed myself. ¬†I think this is what I want most out of a partner in life. ¬†I want someone who will take care of me in those times when I most need (or really want) to be taken care of. ¬†It isn’t all the time, but sometimes being held closely and having someone rub my back genuinely lovingly is the perfect remedy for any ailment.

Post-a-day 2018

Monotony on the brain

As I flossed my teeth tonight, the idea hit me at one of the monotonous, repetitive things in life that, in a certain sense, just don’t make sense. ¬†I occasionally have this happen with eating – actually, it’s rather often in recent months. ¬†It suddenly occurs to me that, even after eating to satisfaction, at most, it will be only a few hours before we have to eat again. ¬†It is this never-ending chain of requirement called food. ¬†If we didn’t have to do that, imagine the time and mental energy (and physical energy) we could put to other things. ¬†How much energy goes into managing eating in a single day? ¬†In life as a whole? ¬†How wasteful that is with our time… ¬†Plus, it all just comes right back out of us anyway, and we’re burning energy to digest it all. ¬†There’s got to be a better way to handle this need that we have for energy and nutrition…

And, of course, I simultaneously wonder if I’m just bat-sh** crazy and need brain shock therapy to rearrange the nonsense connections in my brain (and then wonder, yet again, if I’m crazy even more, since I just suggested shock therapy). ¬†Eventually, I find myself having a delightful meal, and cannot fully comprehend how I was genuinely considering a lifestyle without food – as if it were possible right now, anyway – only days or moments before the current meal.

I think the real link is how stressed I can get about figuring out what to eat. ¬†Because it really is that: figuring out. ¬†There is no easy, obvious answer to the average¬†What’s for lunch? question. ¬†And, especially with my current setup, where I have almost zero fridge and kitchen usage, the question is even more difficult to answer. ¬†I can’t even plan ahead, really, because I can’t store almost any food of any kind, room temperature or cold. ¬†And I can’t really cook much either, because of the limited use situation. ¬†So, I hit this phase of meal distaste often these days. ¬†This is not to say that I didn’t hit it often in the past, because I totally did. ¬†But that was mostly because I would be exhausted by the time I got home at the end of the day (or late at night), and didn’t feel like cooking anything. ¬†Not because I had no options. ¬†I had loads of options there. ¬†But anyway…

So, tonight, flossing hit me the same way. ¬†Why bother flossing, when food will just be right back at the very next meal? ¬†And if we’re flossing now, why do we not floss after everything we eat? ¬†(And then I remember how I regularly floss throughout the day, whenever I become aware of anything stuck or sticking in my teeth.) ¬†And it’s not like monkeys floss, and they get along just fine with their teeth. ¬†(Yes, I know¬†they don’t have the¬†crap diets we have, but I wish we could be more like them in both of those senses – not having to¬†floss and not having crap diets that require us to brush and floss constantly.) ¬†And so went the thoughts for a few seconds, before I required myself to get off the topic. ¬†I knew it could turn disastrous if I didn’t stop asap. ¬†(I’ve had some extreme bouts of stress and depression combined, when it comes to the whole food conversation I mentioned briefly here.)

So, yeah… that’s that topic.

Post-a-day 2018