Birthday week-ish begins

Well, I opted for today for his first gift. It was a laptop, you see – Apple, of course, and certified refurbished, because electronics are quickly becoming a massive part of waste going into the ground (check out Back Market, y’all!) – and I wanted him to have it already for the whole week, but I didn’t want him to waste the entire workday Monday fiddling and playing with it. So, I gave it to him today, so he could start setting it up today, and vie further into it tomorrow, so it can be an asset to his days starting Monday, and not a deterrent from getting his job done. And he absolutely agreed with me on that concern. So, he got the fancy computer today, and I think he is really going to enjoy using it. Of course, I got a two-year extra accidents protection plan for him for it, in addition to the standard one-year flaw and minor things protection plan. So, that’s an extra bonus to the present, in a way. I know him too well not to get the accidental damage coverage…

Anyway, it was a good idea all around, and we had a blast taking Photo Booth photos as comic book pictures (before we had to run for a family birthday party celebration). I’m so glad it worked out so well, including the price. (Original price was $2299 for the laptop new, in mid-2018. I paid $514. And it’s in great condition.) Thank you, God, for such success today. And thank you for the many activities we accomplished together today, too. Grant us good rest tonight, please. In your name, we pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

Interview stress?

Man, interviewing people can be utterly exhausting. I have to be on for the entire time that we are meeting with someone. Then, I have to be on in a different way as we discuss after the candidate’s departure. And then, I have to be on in order to discuss the candidate who is about to join us. And then, the cycle repeats itself. It results in a day full of being on… Fully.

And, boy, is that exhausting.

And it is even worse when the candidates themselves are exhausting human beings… could you just stop talking for a second? You are not helping yourself with this constant, roundabout, up-in-the-clouds, non-answer chatter. Frankly, you are annoying us all, and would do well just to shut your mouth for more than two seconds total.

-Hmm…, can you tell I was annoyed? 😛 –

But what makes it, perhaps, the most exhausting, is the fact that it is all done sitting at a desk, looking at a computer screen. I’m not sure work gets more exhausting than that.

That is, for me, anyway…

Post-a-day 2021

^Held my breath for a second there

Bed time

A pile of laundry sits on my bed. I sit on my bed. I am exhausted. And yet I am putting photos from the camera onto my computer… both of which are also on the bed.

The photos are great, and I am delighted with their outcomes from the party Saturday.

The laundry turned out great, too, smelling lovely and clean and fresh. But I don’t see myself folding it tonight… I see myself doing my stretches and reading quickly and going to bed.


Post-a-day 2020