Sunday, fun day

Some nights, I just want to lie down backwards in my bed after I shower, and pass out, wet hair and all.

But then I start to feel the layer of I-ate-food-today in my mouth, and I have to get up and brush my teeth, and then the whole feeling is gone, and I just continue with my regular bedtime routines, and get it bed normally at the end of them all…


P.S. I learned to do basics with long boarding today! We had a handful of minutes of major frustration, in which I nearly got hit by two different cars, just after my man had me follow him off the trail and onto the road, so we could to go a water fountain he said was at the park nearby. He had turned the corner already, and so didn’t see either car near-incident. I freaked out, because I wasn’t good enough yet with the board to be handling such situations, and because I couldn’t find him either for guidance/encouragement/moral support or even for directions. (I also didn’t have my phone, because we didn’t want me having to be concerned about not breaking it if/whenever I fell, which he knew.) So, I was dealing with both fear and a bit of abandonment, on top of my tiredness and thirst (because no water bottle, for the change in balance it would cause). That was a rough several minutes, to be sure, and neither of us was on our greatest behavior.

Post-a-day 2022


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