Late-night nerves

I truly do not understand how I have gotten myself yet again into a situation where I have what feels like a bajillion things to do before 11 AM, noon as the stretch. Major face palm here. It is close to midnight, and my alarm is sounding at 4:20… What am I doing? I’m about to age another year forward. One might think I had my life better sorted than this.

Oh, well… so it goes. I guess, at the very least, it is good to see that I am still so optimistic about my ability to accomplish things in a limited period of time.

Post-a-day 2021


“Barnard Thompson”

21:01 on 2/21/21, a baby was born. This was also Santa Anna’s birthday. That shall make it quite easy for me to remember in the future. 🙂

Odd how seventh grade Texas History is proving so valuable in such a unique place in my life. 😛

P.S. That’s just what I’ve been calling the baby. I have no idea what its given name actually will be. In my mind, he shall always be Barnard Thompson, because that’s what he’s been for so long. 😂

Post-a-day 2021

Food for Thought… or naught(y)

I have just had another few sips/gulps from my freshly-made berry-veggie smoothie.  It is delicious.  But it is not fulfilling what my body needs, somehow – it is not entirely what I want.  It has helped, but it is not sufficient.

As I walk into the pantry, I sigh and ask aloud, “What do I want?… Ugh… I want….” My arms have moved outward and curved downward as the end to the last sentence.  In my peripheral vision, I see that my hands are cupping gently and loosely the area just in front of my pelvis, in front of my uterus and groin.  I say, without having thought about it, “I want warm sex?” and then give a soft snort-sigh at the absurdity of my statement.  I am here for food.  That isn’t food.


Is it?

I consider this a few moments, and then jump further into the absurd: What food is warm, satisfying sex?, I ask myself in my head, as though there were a cookbook somewhere with this information listed, and I am aiming to recall what foods are on the list, like proteins or vitamin-B-rich foods.

To my astonishment, after a few moments, I say, “A soupy broth, poured over a pile…bowl of deeply spiced, veggie-filled, hot quinoa.  Hot.”

Yeah, my thoughts tell me, that’s it.

And I think they must be right.  After all, they are the ones who came up with the concept in the first place.

I guess I’m having hot sex… for dinner tonight…?

(If that isn’t roflcopter, I’m not sure what is.)

Post-a-day 2021

^So fantastically easy, I almost forgot even to comment on it or notice!

I am reminded today of why I stopped doing anything big for my birthday, any kind of party: Because almost nobody would show up. It ended up being a stressful, depressing time leading up to my birthday every time, where at least half the people would be wishy-washy and/or just end up cancelling last-minute, so I gave it up. Because people can really suck sometimes. And I don’t like to be reminded of that on my birthday, when I am aiming to be especially grateful for my life.

Perhaps this is a reminder that I was on the right path, not bothering searching for people. They will show up at the right time, if I am being true to myself. With real friends, we never have to try – they just are friends.

Post-a-day 2021


I’m staying the night at the house of of a family whose child I have been tutoring/teaching privately for the past nine-ish months. With the weather so cold and the complete lack of water at my place, I was tired of the stress of the strain it all involved. Plus, because of the power outages, we hadn’t been able to do our regular tutoring this week, and so were getting behind on some work for an online course that has a deadline. So, I accepted the offer to spend the night here and have food cooked for me a few times, in exchange for tutoring in person for several hours (broken up over the time I am here, of course).

It really is magical being able to flush toilets. I might shiver with delight when I take an actual shower, and with hot water nonetheless, in just a few minutes. I can hardly wait.

Plus, the company has been quite nice… I have really missed just having people around, let alone interacting with them.

However, I was sure to get a lot done at home tidying before coming over late this afternoon. We figured it would be easier for me to stay the night here than at my house, anyway, so we could maximize on my time by my working at home on the tidying – no excuses! 😉 – for most of the day, and then coming later here. Then we could work again in the morning before I go back to my place – fingers crossed – to meet the plumber and see if the water can be fixed. But I am extremely grateful that I was able to accomplish all I did tidying today, especially with circumstances considered. I have reading to do before the next section of tidying, so I will do that tomorrow morning, when I am up likely long before my young squire, so I can be ready for the next set of tidying when I get home tomorrow, and can get right to work(!).

Let’s see how these next 24 hours go, shall we?

(Indeed, we shall.)

Post-a-day 2021

^Easy Peasy!


***Note: I found a place in the neighborhood that has a phone signal, thus my ability to share the following, as well as the next couple days’ worth.***

Have you ever experienced that oddest of feelings where you must conclude that brushing your teeth is an unnecessary luxury, a consequential waste of precious water?

Indeed, it is an odd sensation, making that conclusion, skipping that previously necessary ritual in one’s morning. However, today, it was necessary. There is still no electricity, no running water, and minimal warmth. I am extremely grateful that I have gas lines in this house, which includes a gas stove – cooking and heat, now – and a gas heater on the bottom floor, in the main yoga room. I left all the doors upward in the house – excluding the closed-off storage rooms, of course – to the bathroom and to my top floor, and the heating system wasn’t too terrible. It’s a tad too cold for me to work voluntarily in my room this morning, so I have re-arranged my tidying a bit, and am working on finishing some reading for kitchen tidying, and then will begin the kitchen tidying after that.

At some point this morning, water did return in minimal force in the kitchen sink. It is the cold, filtered water that is working, though only just above a drip. Perhaps it would fill a gallon in about half an hour, or twenty minutes at the shortest. I am grateful for this development.

I spoke with a neighbor – went to her house and knocked on the door, hoping she would answer (she often doesn’t if she isn’t expecting company) – and she said that she still has enough water pressure for her toilet to fill and flush, and the sink water runs, but it is all very, very low. Her house, however, is actually built a bit closer to the ground than this one is, and it only one story. The bathroom here is on the second floor… well, there is one on the first floor, out on the porch, but we disconnected the pipes there, due to freezing concerns. We think there just isn’t enough pressure to get the water up to the second floor of the house. The hose spigot can still drizzle away. I haven’t checked if it would work full-out, though. It’s just cold and rainy now, so I’m even less inclined to go outside and mess with spraying water that is surrounded by ice and puddles of barely thawed ice.

I don’t so much mind the power’s being out; it’s the water that is the struggle. Like I said, I have the gas for heat, and that seems to be working quite well – not spectacularly, but sufficiently. But I really, really love to shower and to use toilets properly.

I even wanted to do a workout today, because the gym is closed due to the weather, and today is Wednesday. Though I have technically reached my stated goal of 100 combined smoothies and/or workouts by my birthday – did 26 workouts and 74 smoothies, as of Monday – I have a further goal of awesome fitness by my birthday, and that could use some more workouts. Also, I’m glad I got those smoothies in, now that I have no electricity… But do I really want to do intense workouts, when I can’t shower?

The answer to that question is a solid, “No.”

That’s why I don’t do real camping. Only glamping, because I want a bed and a shower. I’ll even outdoor glamp with enough padding, so long as there’s a toilet and shower at the ready within a short, short walk. (And I have done that.)

I went to bed just before 9pm last night, and woke once around 1am to pee – ugh – and then again just after 6am. I avoided getting up for as long as I could take it, then went and used the bathroom and started my day… without brushing my teeth, that is, because the water still was not back running. I was so miserable, however, that I forced myself to go back to sleep – a struggle, tossing sleep – until just after 9am. Funny how that used to be so easy for me, yet now 12 hours in bed feels absurdly unnecessary and also unhelpful.

When it could no longer be avoided, I accepted my fate of no running water, no electricity – which, by the way, has meant no phone signal either – and minimal heat. I came downstairs, had a quick snack, sought out the neighbor, then returned, quite cold, to cook and get to work for real. When the filtered water in the kitchen sink suddenly began working again, I was thrilled. At first, I was using it to wash my hands after the bathroom – much easier that going back and forth with the bottom system I have going on in the bathroom upstairs. But then, it hit me that I could use it to brush my teeth. Boy, was I divinely pleased, and grateful. Have you ever experienced the pure bliss that is getting to brush your teeth after what has felt like a possible eternity of unknown waiting? Golly, it is sublime.

Anyway, I have just paused to write all of this, and am now heading back to work!

Thanks for reading! 😉

Post-a-day 2021

^I almost put 2022… guess I’m growing so accustomed to the 2021, now ‘the one that isn’t automatic’ has become 2022.

Are the satellites even out there?

Okay. Power just went out at 7:58pm. Not sure what the deal is or for how long the power will be out. I had stopped to play guitar for a bit just now, and was thoroughly enjoying it. The plan was to do at least one more category of tidying – letter-writing materials and tools – if not two – also Japanese art supplies. However, I will do neither tonight. I pulled out the rest of everything (I think, but will do a final check in the morning) for the letter-related stuff just now, after lighting two candles.

I’m hoping the water pressure will return in the very, very near future – I prefer flushing the toilet to pouring water into it. I was contemplating this all earlier, how we are what is call a first-world country. That involves civility, – lacking a lot this year with all the violence and hatred from both ends of the spectrum – electricity, – just over 57% of Houston has no power – and clean drinking water – a huge chunk of Houston has no water at all. So, it seems we have gone this year from a first-world country to …. what? Pathetically incapable of being self-sufficient? Utterly miserable due to our reliance on being a first-world country? Yes, I suppose. Yes, indeed.

Well, the satellites surrounding or planet are still allowing a signal through this phone, so I shall finish this business while that connection still exists.

May we all have calming, healing, empowering, and magic-like nights tonight, that we may awaken rejuvenated and filled with light and love. And dear Lord, please allow us to have that include electricity and running, clean water.

Gratitude. 🙏

Post-a-day 2021

^Easy peasy this time, for some reason 😛