Day One in Web-Logs


Well, here it is: my very own web-log.  Sitting with our feet in the warm pool, drinking hot coffee and tea, attempting to have the boxer Khaleesi come close enough to pet, my friend Nicole and I discussed an array of topics (as is usual for our time spent together).  As we reached the various strands of the “What do I do with my life?” discussion, again was the idea verbalized (by yet another of my friends) of my having a web-log for my coming adventures.  This time, however, I was given some specifics.  Nicole told me to check out the website she uses for her couture clothing business (totally awesome stuff, by the way – I want to be her sometimes), and so we went indoors when the rain started, and we pulled out the computers.

Now, fifteen-ish minutes later, I have my very own WordPress website slash web-log.  Here’s to my keeping up-to-date on it, and to a successful partagement (sharing) of amazing and enthralling stories.



—For those seeking precision and clarity:
enthrall verb  en·thrall  \in-ˈthrȯl, en-\ :to hold the attention of (someone) by being very exciting, interesting, or beautiful


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