Getting Paid To Sleep


Perquisite number one of being a teacher: Getting paid to do absolutely anything I want (within the law, of course) for two-ish months of the year.  This is not to say that teaching is necessarily ‘worth it’ for the summer break; there are a million other factors required for teaching to be ‘worth it’. I simply mean that the top benefit of being a teacher is the summertime pay.

Around 2pm on a Monday (after having gone to bed extremely late), a friend, who has a full-time job, started this bit of conversation:

“Umm what are you up to today?”
“Literally lying on my living room floor right now” [<-my part]
“Oh very nice! I’m working haha”
“I’m working hard to stay awake. That’s almost the same thing”
“Really now? I’m exhausted, you’re killing me!”

And this is just a typical day in the neighborhood.  I had already played around on guitar, done some studying up on Japanese history, and accomplished many other things in preparation for my upcoming trip.  I made myself some actual breakfast around 2pm (as opposed to the snacks I’d been having all morning), and then went rock-climbing with friends, only to fall asleep on my living room floor afterward in the middle of dinner.

Yesterday, I sat outside with my cat and watched the severe rain- and thunderstorm pound down on the city, thereby canceling all of my hoped-for plans for the day.  (I decided to paint at home instead, before going out to a seminar and a midnight dinner with my mom and a friend.)

Today I woke up around 9:30 (exceedingly late for me after my usual 5:20am school year alarm), well-rested and ready to go.  I made a fancy healthy smoothie, and then went rock-climbing with a friend (my second time this week and ever).  I just helped out a friend over the phone with some grammar questions she had for her job (You, too, can learn about punctuating dates and times in the middle of a sentence! Click here. Haha.), and I’ll go put away my now-dry paintings I did yesterday evening, then head to the pool for a bit.  Later, I’ll end up at my mom’s house for dinner and a sewing lesson; I get to make my own skirts tomorrow!  (Naturally, I am thrilled, because I cannot seem to find beautiful clothing that actually fits me and was anywhere near fairly-traded.)

This week has been rather organized compared to others.  But, the point is: it doesn’t even matter if my day is organized or not, if I am hyper-productive or not – I am paid to update my skills, practice my various hobbies, and sleep as much or as little as I want.  No strings attached.

Of course, there are a million drawbacks to being a teacher (the main one at the moment being that, even though I have plenty of time to do whatever I like right now, I can only afford the average, everyday kinds of things, because teachers earn like no money in the first place).  However, summer vacation is really just the bomb.  Period.  And, because of our pay, I don’t even have to feel bad for all those suckers stuck in suits and offices all day long, while I lie in the sun, have some gelato, bike ride, and go wherever my fancy takes me… which is occasionally to right here on my living room floor.  I can just enjoy getting paid to sleep (or not).  🙂


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