today was yes, good

Today was a beautiful day in my life.

In fact it kind of even felt like a movie.

This morning to early afternoon, I was surrounded by sports and the fresh air and happy, alive, and giddy high schoolers.  There was a chill in the air that was just enough for a jacket and scarf when sitting still, but warm enough with the sunlight when moving around.  After having felt so cooped up recently, it was pure delight.

At 2-ish o’clock, I had a sort of shock with said high schoolers.  One moment I was sitting next to two girls, greeting joyfully another sitting a few feet away.  The next, I had an audience of around 30, gaping at me and hanging on my every word.  Why?  When the third girl informed me that she was, in fact, Peruvian, we started chatting in Spanish (which was much more efficient than English, oddly enough).  I felt a sort of flurry go through me and the air around me as we spoke, and when I looked down (we were sitting on huge steps, you see), I saw this audience of wide-eyed kids, and even had an inner jump backward at the surprise of it.  This is like something that happens in movies, I thought.

As I stepped into the warm shower tonight, and experienced the satisfying tingle that signified the thawing and melting of my frosty feet – the delight I find in that tingling of hot water on cold skin in the Fall and Winter -, I smiled in reminiscence of their fervid questioning of me via our newfound ‘interpreter’, who related in Japanese my Spanish answers to questions with such animation, I almost could have believed she were talking about someone famous she’d met (had I not understood the majority of what she said).


After school, I stopped in at my cafe for a hangout and hot beverage with my friends, the folks who work there – I’m a regular there now (I’m not sure I’ve ever been a regular in any single coffee shop).  Then I perused the selection of used Kimonos and Yukatas at the local version of Goodwill/Plato’s Closet, in hopes of finding something for a friend back home – a task which made me want to buy them all (or at least about forty of them, which would only cost around $400).  After I practiced my inner talent of doing physics calculations, by riding home on my bicycle with three heavy bags hanging off my backpack, slightly unbalanced in weight, I ended up at home, where I, for the first time, gave a go at making pralines (for a present for my weekend host family tomorrow).  They turned out fabulous, even with the walnuts instead of pecans (Japan isn’t exactly about those pecans).

And now, with my nose freezing, and a shiver going down my spine, spreading throughout my body, I bid the world a good night.  I send my love and warmth in every sense in every directions.  I love you.






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