the Power of Music

The thing about music is that it is incredibly powerful.

Siting around, waiting for my dance class to start, I was listening to music just now.  A few songs came on from a musical our theatre did several years ago.  As I listened to the female lead sing her song of love to the male lead, I was suddenly transported to a different time and place – I was right back in the preparations for the musical, way back when we were putting it on.  

I could hear the director talking about casting the female lead, every word as clear as though he were sitting here with me, like all hose yeats ago, and chuckling at the end of it all.  I remembered verbatim what he said.  I do every time I hear this song, and whether I want to or not.

Just one small part of the power of music, you know?
Post-a-day 2017


One thought on “the Power of Music

  1. Music is so powerful. Through my love of Contemporary Christian Music and Musicals, I discovered the power. Both showed me the emotional side and even showed me that music can bring back memories. Musicals showed me both positive and negative emotions are existent in the world of music


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