Family workout

This morning, when I offered to my friend to any site for her to go to the midday workout class, she told me that her dad already was going to babysit this afternoon, so that she could go to the late afternoon workout. And so, she and I went together to the workout, and her husband was able to finish work in time to make it, too. At one point, my friend commented that we were doing a “family workout” (I am currently living in their house with them and their dog and baby, recall.). And, you know, it truly did feel like a family workout, surrounded by loved ones who are part of my everyday interactions each day and night. It was awesome.

My friend mentioned at one point, either yesterday or today, something about my having only been here four weeks, and yet something something… but I was stuck on the part where she seemed to think it had only been four weeks. Really, it has gone by quickly and hasn’t felt very long, although we do all get on really well and understand each other’s schedules and all. But, see, this week is my seventh week here.

Kind of crazy… and I am incredibly grateful for all of it. Thank you, God, for such a blessing as it has been to live here these past almost seven weeks. I certainly will miss it. Keep us all feeling your love through one another as we move forward into the next chapter, please. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

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