ヌンチャク, really, but we usually drop that final -u in the English version. Nonetheless, we did a workshop tonight with a nunchaku master, Wayne Nguyen. He was in a Chuck Norris movie a long time ago, playing a bizarre yet awesome scene as The White Ninja, jumping and dancing around with fierce grace, showing some awesome nunchuck skills. (He also played a bad guy in the rest of the film, but that wasn’t the cool role he did.) He worked with Chuck Norris for 15 years, mostly teaching martial arts to youth as their physical education program in public schools, as part of Chuck Norris’s non-profit. And he is just this really nice, comfortable and friendly guy… who also literally could kill you with nunchucks. Seriously.

The class was fun and informative and very helpful. My man learned some skills, but everyone in that room tonight learned that I am a force with which to be reckoned. Even the teacher kept saying time and again that I would be ‘the next nunchuck master’ for our martial arts group/program/dojo. He commended me for my efforts and always working both hands equally and immediately upon learning something new. He also told me how he liked my control and my cool grace and stature when moving with the nunchucks.

I mean… that’s really cool, right?

What’s more is, by the transitive property of association, Chuck Norris approves of my nunchuck efforts and skills. And that is just plain awesome.

(And yes, I am fully aware of my own idiocy, thank you very much.)

Basically, awesome night, and I’m almost associated with Chuck Norris now. Get ready world, I’m heading to Navasota to have some water and to meet some folks soon! ;P

Post-a-day 2022


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