Morning tea and journaling

Okay, so it’s actually closer to 1pm, but who minds, really?  Morning is what you make it.  And J. Christine is taking care of me this morning, just ’cause. She’s made me Chai rice pudding, Chai tea, and is now cooking some soupy udon for me, all as I sit on the windowsill, feet on the roof, just pondering and writing and loving the morning’s relaxed sense of nothing to do but be here, and now.

In my ponderings, these two just ran up and out of me:

Sometimes I feel like I’m missing some vital, obvious piece of information, specifically in regards to my partner.  It almost feels as though he’s just sitting somewhere, waiting for me to figure out that little piece of information, and then go striding up to him and say, “Wow – that took me long enough, didn’t it?”

And he’ll reply cooly, “Yeah, but  it was worth the wait.”  Or something like that…
So what is it that I need to figure out, world?????????

And sometimes I feel like just picking a guy and saying, ‘This’ll work.’  And then going up to him and saying:

[Name], how about we just go ahead and decide that we will be a fabulous pair, and be together, creating this unbelievably awesome relationship for the rest of our lives?
Kay, thanks.  When do we get married? (Not that I’m in a rush; really just wondering.)

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