A traditionally evasive species, dreams tend to leave one always questioning, always wondering – what actually happened last night?  Who was in my dreams?

However, every so often, and maybe only once a year or two, dreams stand clearly and positively in one’s memory.  The next morning no longer feels like waking up from a dream, but simply as though transitioning from one activity to the next.  No matter what today holds, I am unbelievably content, because my dreams were beautifully and perfectly satisfying.  And, even though I know that none of it actually happened, it doesn’t matter – for those dreamy hours, it really was real for me and my brain and all of its chemicals… and that’s somehow enough for the happy balance to remain into the day.


Yeah, last night was not only an amazing and clear dream, but it lasted the entire night, even though I had to get up several times to use the bathroom (because I was dehydrated and kept gulping after water all night).  It was as though what I wished would happen, happened in a dream.  And I think that is because my brain knows that it won’t actually happen, and so it gave me the satisfaction of experiencing it, so that I could enjoy it and go ahead and move past it.  Whatever the case, I am grateful for that beautiful night of dreaming.  🙂


Day 7 of 40
I'm part of Post A Day 2016


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