Just write…

William Forrester, a character played by Sean Connery in the film “Finding Forrester“, puts an aspiring writer, Jamal, in front of a typewriter, and tells him to write.  Jamal asks, ‘Write about what?’  To which William, as he is typing speedily away at his own typewriter, replies that the topic is unimportant, and thinking doesn’t matter – the key is just to write.  Moments later, William produces his own finished product, to the amazement of young Jamal.

As I declared recently that I wanted to write as a way of monetary survival, I began this weblog.  I wanted to be able to write so easily and all the time – but I wanted it always to be perfect, to be something worth reading, and so often ended up writing nothing… Now that I think about it, that sounds ridiculous.  Not because I want people to enjoy reading what I make available to them, but because considering my writing to be not worth reading would be discounting what I have to say.  It would be saying to myself that my words aren’t worth existing – and yet there is plenty I would love to share with the people in my life whenever we speak, that I somehow constantly find to be unworthy of being written here… what ridiculous thinking we sometimes have as humans.  Mine ceases to amazing me.  😀  In a good way, of course… eventually, anyway.

So, I dare say, my words are worth hearing.  I would tell them to my friend when we speak to one another, thus making them also worth reading.  Now, this in no way means that I do not want to have my written words reach a great audience in order to make a powerful, positive, and profound impact in the world.  I do want my writing to do that; in which case I find it important to better my writing constantly and consistently (coincidentally thereby bettering myself, I imagine).  However, I now no longer have the excuse 1) to degrade what I have to share, whatever it may be, or 2) not to write.  And I’m okay with that.  😀

Peace to the World, y’all  ;D

Day 9 of 40
I'm part of Post A Day 2016


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