Just like Mom

Every so often, I get the opportunity to discover myself to be quite similar to my mother, in ways that do not initially occur to me as ‘like my mom’.  Tonight, I called her to obtain help on how to improve my spiderweb cut-out on my Halloween t-shirt.  She casually offers guidance, and then shows me her own, which she just finished cutting herself.  It’s the middle of the night where I am, and early morning where she is, and yet we were doing exactly the same thing at the same time… and something that isn’t exactly normal behavior for the average Halloween celebrant (Who wears the same ghost/spiderweb t-shirt every year on the week of Halloween?  And who cuts up a new one, whenever the older one can’t be found?).

Okay, so maybe it isn’t all that odd that we do the same thing for Halloween – we did live together for many a Halloween.  However, it had me think of all the other things I do, mannerisms I now have, that five or ten years ago I didn’t do and didn’t have, and which all come from my mother… and which I hadn’t even noticed were from her until someone commented about it, or until I saw her do it, and thought of how I also did the same thing.  Sometimes, of course, I would notice, like when I erased a kid’s whole sentence (or whatever it was) the other day, and made him rewrite it, because it was too messy and illegible.  But it typically catches me off guard, no matter how it is brought to my attention, because none of it is intentional on my part.

Perhaps I’m not making too much sense here.  The point is, I share so many qualities with my mother, it overjoys me.  In a million little ways, I am just like she is, while still having another million ways that make me different from how she is.  And I just love it.  It means that, no matter what, she always is with me.  And, what’s more, if I have children of my own some day, they are likely to pick up on many of those million little things I have from my mother, thereby carrying her forward in the world of humanity, without the slightest bit of effort or difficulty.

Kind of cool, huh?  🙂


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