end goals

Do you know how to be a good writer?  I certainly don’t.  I know that, as a writer, I want to effect a betterment of humanity, the world, and each individual reader.  However, how do I accomplish that?

I regularly open up a page (digital or actual paper), ready to write – often even feeling a pull towards the writing, and an excitement about beginning it -, and then write nothing.  And it isn’t that I have standard writer’s block or anything.  I sit there, staring at the blank page (or, rather, being who I am, staring at the page for a few seconds, and then looking all around me), wondering what to write.  I have plenty of ideas (most of the time, anyway – I occasionally do have a sort of writer’s block in which I have no ideas, but not often.), plenty of thoughts…, but which one or group of ones do I pick?

I think that, in those times, it is possible that I am so focused on the desired outcome of people getting something out of the writing, that I take away most of my opportunity to put into the writing what would make the greatest difference for others.  (You might be slightly lost; allow me to help find you.)  I mean that I end up wringing out my thoughts so that they seem more like something that could make a difference for others, instead of just writing truly, honestly, openly, as myself with no other concerns but sharing myself.  If I just share with others (remember that this is the whole reason I want to write in the first place), they can benefit for the better.  If I attempt to formulate a benefit-causing article (or whatever I am writing), I lose my natural space of sharing myself within the article.  And that natural space of sharing oneself is certainly what I would want to read as a reader.  So I think my goal as a writer is to have that sharing be always present in what I write.


That being all said, it has me wondering about where else I get stopped, unable to decide what to do amongst all the options, which path to take to obtain the desired goal.  In these areas, too, am I setting aside the juice of the matter, and thinking only of the end goal, thereby losing the most essential parts to my success?  (I think I might, actually…)  This shall be my contemplation of the next few days, yes.  🙂


Day 19 of 40
I'm part of Post A Day 2016


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