Waltzing in the night

Lying in bed, just listening, I’ve just discovered that my fan is a musical noisemaker. He has his overtoned hoooooommmm all the time, I’ve known for years. But just now, listening for inspiration around me, I heard the dooon tick-tick, dooon tick-tick of a perfect waltz.

Chugging along at a deceivingly casual pace, he sings for us, hoping to provide a space of glorious motion to abstract, yet perfect, music. He sings to me, and lulls me toward dancing. I want to Viennese, but really must sleep.

He is a tricky one, that fan- quite tempting. Now I shall sleep to this dooon tick-tick, and probably with a dance in my head. Goodnight, dear fan, and goodnight, dear world. Sweet, musical dreams, may they abound tonight. See you en la mañana.

Day 31 of 40
I'm part of Post A Day 2016


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