40 Days

It takes 40 days to build a habit. Supposedly, anyway – I haven’t actually looked into it much, but I’m rolling with it, nonetheless. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now, I have wanted to write, and so, when I discovered the hashtag on here for daily posting ( #postaday ), the idea came upon me to do a 40-day challenge of posting every day, in hopes of building my habit of writing.

Here, 41 days later, I have completed the task. As I updated the number at the bottom of last night’s writing (changing “39 of 40” to “40 of 40”), I felt a slight joy, but it was certainly short of excitement. I suppose that suggests that this was only a minor accomplishment, according to my head.

However, as the thought came back up a while later – the one where I had done the 40 days of my personal daily challenge -, I realized that this likely is the only thing I have done for forty days straight recently.

And then I thought a bit further back, and still couldn’t find anything. All the way back, so far as I could remember, nothing was coming to mind. Had I ever done anything for 40 days straight? Possibly. But nothing came to mind.

And suddenly this whole thing seemed a bit cooler. Perhaps, even though I wasn’t stoked at having completed it, my completing these 40 days means something more than excitement (because I have been excited plenty of times in life). Perhaps, my completing these 40 days showed how much I cared about the outcome – how much I cared about having writing be a habit for myself.

… ๐Ÿ™‚ And I like that idea…



P.S. I did realize, just tonight, that I have done something of more than 40 days straight. Two things, in fact. And.I have actually done them daily for the past approximate two years (I’ve kept count, and I’ve missed between five and ten days for the first, and possibly missed two days on the second, but possibly only one or not at all.) And what are these fabulous things? The first is flossing – I had two cavities, which, I was told, only could have been avoided by flossing… and so, I started flossing every night before bed, and even oftentimes during the daytime, too. The second is reading from The Bible. I was curious about the specifics throughout it, and so I wanted to read it, but I had already failed so many times. I also wanted to read every day. So I set up a system for myself where I only had to read one small section of The Bible a night, mostly determined by how the version I have is broken up into little bits, and I would do it just before going to sleep, when already in bed. And, somehow, it worked! I also went about reading it in a slightly unusual manner, which was suggested to me by an Austrian Priest one time, and which has proven most helpful. (The shortness of the sections can be seen in the fact that I have been doing this for almost three years, yet still have not finished the book.)

P.P.S. I find it suddenly interesting that 40 days was used to express ‘a really long time’ in The Bible… do these things tie together? I’m certainly intrigued…

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