Mystery Underwear

This one’s a bit girly, just FYI.


For the past approximately five months, I have been sporting (obviously not daily, but in the regular rotation) a pair of  deep pink underwear.  Why does this matter?  Well, I particularly enjoy wearing these underwear, not simply because they are really a fashionable lady kind of pretty pink or that they are super soft and comfy, but because I’m not actually sure if they’re mine.

July 4th weekend, I stayed in a hotel room with three girlfriends for a dance event.  On the Saturday, I believe it was, we discovered on the floor a pair of pretty pink undies.  They were clean and cute, and even looked quite new.  However, not one of us knew whose undies they were.  I admitted that they looked similar to a pair I had, but I neither remembered having packed them for this trip, nor thought mine to be the same shade of pink and having the same bordering lace as these.

We thought they might have belonged to a cousin who had changed clothes in the room earlier, before and after the pool.  However, that cousin was long gone at this point, and would not be seen by anyone any time soon.

Come close of the weekend, we didn’t want to throw out this pair of obviously clean and useable underwear (well, I didn’t, anyway)…, so I took them home.  (Of all people, I know! (If you don’t know about my OCD stuff, then you don’t get the irony of this, but that’s okay for now.))

Months later, I still am not convinced that they really were mine – I totally remember mine being more of a girly, cutesy pink -, yet I continue to wear them in my regular run through the undergarment wardrobe.  I think I even took the underwear without telling anyone that I’d decided to take them, ’cause the girls were mostly still asleep when I was packing up and leaving.  Any doubts we might carry so far as the acceptance of my taking the underwear, though, can be relieved by the fact that, when I shared the fact of my continued delight in wearing these mysterious pink panties just last week to those girlfriends via the marvelous Facebook Messenger, shouts and laughter of approval rang across the digital waves (especially with the part where they had half-forgotten about the “mystery underwear”, as it has been dubbed).

Moral of the story?

1) Reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible and logical.
2) Girlfriends really are some of the greatest.  😀


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