How Apple effectively removed music from my daily life

I used to listen to music all the time.  Like daily, and even throughout lots of the day oftentimes.  However, that has changed in the past several months.  Why?  My last pair of headphones broke.

Now, this isn’t to say that I own no more headphones, and that I can’t buy more headphones.  Of course not – I own several pair, and the stores are hardly sold out of headphones.  This is to say that my last pair of headphones I can use finally broke.

I guess it was a couple or a few years ago that Apple decided to alter drastically the design of their headphones/headsets.  The “earbuds” were established as the only design the company made anymore, removing the former style.  I used my new set of earbuds when I got my new phone (I was so excited about it, it was kind of ridiculous)…, and I quickly discovered that they gave me splitting headaches.

How is this possible, since we all know that I always play my music rather quietly?  Well, the earbuds are too large for my ears.  They push so much on the inside rims of my ears, that my head starts hurting after only a few minutes of use – I don’t even get to enjoy a single song, before the pain begins.  I wore them and wore them, hoping beyond hope that I would adjust to this new style of headphones… to no avail.  I eventually had to give up on them, and make a belated effort to collect as many pairs of the old style as possible (friends were priceless in this effort).

I obviously am very biased here, but I believed Apple had the best headphones on the market for anyone who wasn’t willing to go into the hundreds of dollars for a set.  Perhaps this is part of why all of the other companies that produce headphones suddenly cut production of the former style of headphones, and instead adopted the earbuds style – because Apple is the leader, and they followed.

Whatever the case, though, production of good quality headphones of the formerly top style were now seemingly nonexistent.  That being the case, it meant that I no longer could use headphones for music (or even headsets for phone calls).  I’m always out and about, so I can’t exactly play my music out loud, walking down the busy street, and be able to enjoy it (let alone hear most of it above the street noise).  Nor can I blast music on the trains, where signs regularly remind everyone not to talk on the phone, because it makes noise that could bother others.  So, I just don’t get to listen to music (or talk on the phone easily) whenever I’m out.  (I also have no more audiobook-listening opportunities, something I also used to do almost daily during my work commute.)

So, music has kind of just stepped away from my life these past several months.  It’s dreadful, but I have nothing to do to improve it.  Ideas are entirely welcome, because I miss music every single day, and I just haven’t found anything to do about it, other than write this here post.  I find it utterly amazing, how what could have been one small decision by one person – I person I don’t even know -, has made such a drastic (and negative at that) effect on my life.  It really has me wonder how my daily, seemingly mundane (to me, anyway) decisions might affect the world beyond my immediate surroundings.  How does my decision here and now affect someone (potentially) on the other side of the world?  And how about in another six months?  Or six years?  Or, at that, eternity?  Truly is interesting, huh?


Anyway,… here’s to finding music again!


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One thought on “How Apple effectively removed music from my daily life

  1. Have you tried over the ear headphones? or even some bluetooth ones? skull candy makes some comfy ones that are nice that have the rubber thing on them and they resemble the old ones in a way.


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