Perhaps it’s the OCD…

I keep wanting to write about my experience with having OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder).  However, I continue not doing it, although a portion of almost every day goes to thinking about what I might write for it.

Perhaps it is part of the OCD’s influence on me, and perhaps it is something else entirely, but I tend to get trapped in the details with things.  If you read what I write on here (here being this website), then you likely already have a sense of how I do this.  When I am telling about something, I really have to focus on what the listener (in this case, the reader) actually needs to hear (read).  For me, the topic is incomplete if details are left out, or potentially construed in such as way, such that they might be misinterpreted to be different than they truly were… even if it is regarding details that are seemingly irrelevant to the story.

So, that’s why I haven’t yet written about a day in my life of OCD.  I can’t decide on what to focus, nor on which details to give and which to leave out of the sharing of my experience. I’m hoping to get to writing about it in the next couple weeks (at long last), which is why I’m writing about the idea tonight in the first place – I was already thinking about it more than usual.


As a side note, this reminds me of two things in particular right now:
1) How my mom’s side of the family always wants to know all the details about things, including the details for which most families would never even think to ask
2) Perhaps this details thing is part of why my mom and I are so good at having conversations that go to a million different topics (before finishing the previous topic), but in which we always go back through and finish out every topic started in the conversation. (My cousin once pointed this out to us, and I have since noticed how rarely people do this sort of thing; they talk and talk, and leave so many topics unfinished, because they went on a tangent, but never came back.)


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