Unexpected Student Interactions

As a teacher, I have always enjoyed running into my students outside of school.  I’m not sure all of my students enjoy seeing me (I’ve never noticed them ducking and hiding, but it’s totally possible), but a good number of them run up to greet me whenever they see me out in the real world.  Here, in Japan, has not been too different in that sense.  Yes, students are ridiculously shy compared to the US, however, keeping that in mind, students are still, relatively speaking, quite outgoing and excited to see me out in public.  Sometimes that just means the boys smile, blush, and wave at me.  And sometimes it means girls scream my name across the train station (yes, it has happened).  😛  Nonetheless, they always greet me in some way when they notice me, and are happy to see me (trust me; I’ve seen them when they’re unhappy to see someone – they are definitely happy to see me).

Tonight, as my train pulled into the final station, which happened also to be my station, I roused myself from my half-sleep, for which I had had my head leaning semi-comfortably against a partition next to my seat.  Approaching normal consciousness, I notice a face turned towards me over to my left.  When I stand up, I realize that there is a group of boys with that face, and that the face is familiar.  Sure enough, they are students from one of my schools.

I casually waved with a smile, and, walking towards them and the door, asked how they were doing (though, seeing as I was not fully conscious yet, I ended up talking to them in Japanese).  They seemed delighted, and in a goofy sense of the word… and, seeing as this is Japan, they could have been delighted just from seeing me out in public during the school holidays.  Too, though, I might have been dozing on the train with my mouth open, which would have made for a fun spectacle for the boys.  Though the latter is less likely, as I wasn’t ever fully asleep, and I didn’t have drool on me or any other signs of having been sleeping with my mouth gaping, both are entirely possible.

So, who knows?  Perhaps they’ll mention it one day at school next week, and I’ll learn the truth of it all.  Perhaps not.  Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed it all.  The nap included.  😛


Post-a-day 2017


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