Singapore at a glance

Things I noticed almost immediately about Singapore:

  • The toilets try to attack me (the sensor goes off at the slightest movement to either side, and the power of the water is impressive)
  • Toilet seats I crossed were mostly old and cracked-like all along the edges
  • There was always soap in the bathrooms
  • Fruit is fresh and local and almost never above about one US dollar
  • The technology is noticeable, as is the advanced architecture (literally almost everywhere)
  • Even the old places are beautiful and creative
  • I can’t always understand the accent, despite the fact that English is the language being spoken most of the time (official language since around the 60s, I believe)
  • Taxis are affordable (like actually)
  • The rain is a nice refresher in the afternoon (January, anyway), making life seem magical with the cool yet warm rain
  • People look content with life (as opposed to the stressed look of so many here)
  • People are happy in general
  • Street art is beautiful and passion-filled
  • Architecture might as well be considered street art, with its intense personality and shock factor as you turn the corner
  • You can walk all over
  • Public transit is good and completely affordable
  • There is a huge mix of cultures, with no noticeable dominating population – they’re just Singaporean now, although there are so many ancestral countries represented  (I get that I did not word that quite correctly, but I like how it sounds, so I’m leaving it as-is)
  • Bring an umbrella and tissues everywhere, and you will be safe from any concern
  • I want to be there more often  🙂


P.S.  I didn’t notice this one until it was pointed out to me, but I agree with it:

  • It is clean.  Except for the odd bathroom that some owner doesn’t manage too well (like that wretched bathroom at the restaurant in Little India), everywhere I went was clean.  The streets were all clean.  And I think I didn’t notice, because it was just so natural for me to have streets that way.


Post-a-day 2017


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