What’s in Your Pockets?

I don’t have much to say to this other than that there really is something special about the things I find in my pockets.  It’s as though, the more pockets I have, the more things I carry around in them.  And, the more I carry around in my pockets, the more ridiculous the things end up being.

Today’s poll results:

Coin-purse (complete with coins and a tiny paper crane)
Toilet paper
House key
Boatload of loose coins
Small pack of tissues
More loose tissues
**There’s supposed to be chap-stick in here, too, but I left that at home unknowingly

I’d say today is a rather average and boring day for my pockets – it’s usually much more exciting, really.  I wonder what there is to learn about one another based on our pocket contents…


Post-a-day 2017



2 thoughts on “What’s in Your Pockets?

  1. I once wrote a story in which a girl stole things out of people’s wallets and then deduced their entire lives and histories from the contents. Rather Holmesian, it entertained my overeager fangirl of a mind.
    Sorry I haven’t been posting many comments, but lately I’ve had this self-conciousness about anything I post online, like I’m a Freshman again saying the most ridiculous things; and every time I think that, I stop whatever comment I’m about to make.
    Your anecdotes, as always, are entertaining and thoughtful

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