St. Patrick’s Day

Today has been St. Patrick’s Day.  In Japan, however, it couldn’t have been a more standard, everyday kind of day.  People hadn’t even heard of it when I mentioned that St. Patrick’s Day was today.  Crazy.  

Still crazy, I guess is better to say.  I know that my holidays and celebrations are either nonexistent or incredibly differently celebrated here in Japan.  That in no way changes this to-the-core experience of oddness, like a cat’s hair being brushed up the wrong direction (but while it sleeps) – it’s just weird, I guess – at the fact that something with which I so strongly identify just doesn’t exist here.  It creates a sort of sensation that, because no one around me knows about any of these things, these things – these holidays and celebrations – don’t exist for them, thereby making it as though a whole bunch of the bits that make up me don’t exist either.  In other words, with these holidays missing, going unacknowledged, it is as though parts of me are going missing, too.  One holiday at a time, ya know?

I wonder if I’ll be a super-celebrator of all of our holidays once I’m back in The States… not only would that make sense, but it would be totally fun.  πŸ˜€
Post-a-day 2017


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