Delightful Misinterpretation

As my mom and I stood near the exit of the train station’s little mall, putting on our jackets before heading out into the cool night air, we heard a squeaking, wrenching, almost metallic-like sound coming from nearby.  It sounded as though someone were doing construction work of some kind just a couple years/meters behind my mom.

When I looked up to see the source of the sound, I simply said to my mom, “Okay, without looking: What is making that noise?”

She chuckled ever so slightly, and replied with, “I don’t know… the door?” (She might not have said ‘door’, but neither of us remembers what she actually guessed.)

“Okay, look.”

As she turned and saw what was making the sound, we both struggled to keep our guffawing, snorting laughter subtle.  It was a shop worker adjusting a mannequin’s outfit, twisting the forearm back into place.

I love surprises like that. ❤


Post-a-day 2017


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