Large And In Charge…?

I feel like a huge person in Japan.  In many ways.  I am tall and wide and hip-y and buxom and prepared.  My knees form a significantly-less-than-90-degree angle when I sit in chairs and on trains.  My back hurts from bending over so far all the time for sinks and countertops and desks.  Rooms feel small due to their shortness and my easy ability to jump and touch the ceiling, and doorways feel like Willy Wonka, when I could almost bump my head on them a good amount of the time.

Size 8.5 shoe
Size 5 pants
Small tops
33″ ribs, 37″ chest

Therefore, though I am quite average, even small, for the US, I am huge in all ways in Japan.

Post-a-day 2017


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