Kids these days… and those days

Have you ever seen the musical West Side Story?  If you haven’t, go watch it.  I hate it.  It takes what was once for me a spectacularly and distantly comical situation of unreal reactions – Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare – and places them into a modern-day(-ish) setting, and makes it more real than one could ever want it to be.  Seeing it tonight, I was disgusted by people.  It is just like how I hate Elaine in the TV show Seinfeld – she reminds me too well of people who make me angry in life, people who seem to ruin everything.  So, too, was my experience tonight.  These people were, for me, the epitome of closed-minded, undereducated, and monocultural individuals in our world.  Quite frankly, I wanted just to remove them all from the gene pool immediately, and lock them up in some way… it had me wonder if that was how the whole Australia situation started, because I found myself looking for a similar situation.  You guys can go blow yourselves up on your own private little island, but you don’t get to be a part of the real world, because you just ruin everything with your behavior.

Anyway…, the music of West Side Story is spectacular, and I love it.  Fortunately, I am already being able to disregard the story and to return to the music as I had known it before: splendidly fantastic.  I was genuinely worried after the performance if I would be unable to enjoy the music ever again, because I now had such a horrible association through the actual show.  However, I believe the association will be lost easily once I am finished sharing about the show (in less than a minute).

So, yeah.  Go watch West Side Story.  It’s good.  It really is.  It’s just a musification of what I believe is one of the worst parts of our current society… and, apparently, has been a terrible part of society for a long, long time (and quite possibly even in Shakespeare’s time, seeing as how he wrote the original scenario anyway… I always just thought he was making it up as a worst-case scenario on all fronts, not as though all the general stupidity was already taking place, but hadn’t ever been arranged in such a dramatic order.).

Post-a-day 2018

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