This was my last version of my personal bio section on Facebook:

If you ever get the chance, I hope you dance and smile.

I am currently twenty-three years old, and am happier than a door nail in life.  I recently finished studying languages at an amazing liberal arts college, and am using that education to give back to the world.  Each day is an opportunity for me to expand myself, and, therefore, to allow others to do the same.  My greatest inspirations are those moments of love and joy between others, of which I am witness in the world around me.  My known goals in life are to make a difference for others, and to have a blast doing it, all the difficulties and struggles included.  My constant hope and prayer is that everyone be comfortable, happy, and satisfied in life, as we all discover ourselves together to be happy, healthy, holy beings.

I was somewhat appalled at it, and so I wrote something new, which I feel is more appropriate nowadays, but which seems a bit iffy:

I’m not sure what to share here.  Whenever I check this section of my Facebook, I am surprised at how sprite* and joyful I seem.  It isn’t that I’m not a joyful person in life – I’m just not so in-your-face as I seem on these.  Apparently “chill” is a word often associated with me, but it is often combined with something like “free” or “earthy”, along with ‘If you want to know about anything, just ask Hannah – she’s done just about everything.’  I hardly agree with the statement, but I understand why people often have said it – I really like learning and doing new things, and, when I set my mind to it, I seem to make just about anything happen.  It’s rather magical, really, and I feel utterly blessed in life, and as though my struggles are here now to support me and those around me later.

That’s what I have to share for the moment, it seems. 🙂

*I know this isn’t the right word, but it sounded more right than anything else… think of a combination of ‘bright’ and ‘spirited’ as the reason for my using it (more so than the folklore version, anyway).

So, yeah… I guess this is part of why I haven’t written that book about my life yet – I don’t know what to say, and I let that stop me.

Post-a-day 2018

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