“Go do something today that you have never done before.”

That was my task for yesterday.

I was preparing to enter an airplane for the entire day and overnight in only a few hours, so I knew it had to be almost immediately, while I was still at the airport and able to walk around and interact with people.

And so, partly for that, but mostly with an aim of having something better to do than sit at the gate the next two and a half hours, I went strolling.

I came across an open baby grand piano.

That would be fun to go play… and that would be really something to go play where these people around here could hear…, I think.

And I head toward the piano to see if it is an option…

It is!

It has a sign, telling people to come play.

I want to do this.

And so I do.

I leave my bags next to the piano, sit down, breathe a final release of my nerves and worries and concerns, and I play.

I even sing some songs, too.

And I’ve started figuring out how to do keystroke patterns, and so I played with that for some fun for myself, especially.

Post-a-day 2019

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