Nihonjin SMASH?

Gaijin Smash is an English-ish term for when a foreigner in Japan does something that typically is not acceptable, culturally, but then gets away with having done it, because the Japanese people all excuse the person’s foreign-ness… oh, well he wouldn’t know any better…, even though he often does, but knows he can get away with it.

For example, people do not walk and eat in Japan – it just isn’t a thing for them.

Yet, often, on the way to school in the morning, I could be seen eating my breakfast… sometimes which included my eating oatmeal out of a bowl, with a spoon…

Gaijin Smash

People also do not talk on phones while on trains, nor do they eat while on trains (except for the long-distance ones with individual seats and food tables or trays, but I’m discussing metro, subway, city public transit trains).

Today, I gawk to my right as I see the guy right next to be – a Japanese high schooler – pull out first an onigiri, and then a chocolate-covered eclair-style donut… and eat them.

I mean… seriously??

Gaijin Smash is one thing, but being absurd about timing is totally different.

Post-a-day 2019

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