Bed Sharing

I spent a good amount of my childhood sharing a bed with someone.  Now, after several years of having a bed all to myself, I almost can’t stand it.

Oftentimes, people talk about how wonderful it is when they finally get the bed to themselves, as opposed to having to share it with someone every night.  I think this is utter malarkey.  Sure, if the person kicks and snores and completely steals the sheets, it can be troublesome-slash-annoying.  However, an average sleeper, given an appropriate-sized bed, is of no disturbance at all.

A few weeks back, during a weekend spent in a homestay, the little girl (aged 5 years, I believe), came around 2:30 in the morning into my room, and snuggled up under the sheets with me.  I’ve never had someone sneak into bed with me before, but I must say that I totally loved it. (lulz, I know)  She, being a five-year-old, tossed and turned, kicked all over my legs, grabbed all over me, and even ended up somewhat sideways in the bed for a while.  And, I was completely okay with it.


Probably because I love human contact – physical touch is an overpowering necessity in my life.  And, even though I was being lightly pushed and prodded over the next several hours, I was totally content, and even passed back out rather well.  I love feeling someone next to me in bed.  We don’t have to be even touching for me to feel the comfort; just the fact that I can feel the presence, hear the breathing, and occasionally get rocked by the movements of the other person is often enough.

Some nights, I do want to fall asleep pressed up against another, like in the days of sharing a Full bed with my grown sister and her large dog, where no one had her own space completely, unless someone got up for the bathroom or a midnight snack (or even when my cat would sleep against my neck like a scarf, or next to-slash-under my head like a sort of pillow).  But usually, I just want someone close, with maybe a touch of the hand or foot here and there, subconsciously communicating that everything is okay, and I am safe and loved and doing quite well.

Less and less of my life as a whole accounts for the time spent sharing a bed, and I neither like that nor want it to be that way much longer.  Pillows and stuffed animals really are great, but only when they are temporary, like when on a long vacation or summer break.  And dance events are kind of the best, especially when we end up three to a bed on occasion, all nice and crushed.  But neither is sustainable (and I currently have neither in my life, actually… got to do something about that, and fast)…

Anyway, those are my bedtime thoughts today.  Now off to shower, organize a bit, Skype with my Christine, and sleep in (because there’s no work tomorrow woohoo!!)!  G’night, y’all.  ;D



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